Diversity and Inclusion


​​​​​​​​Diversity and inclusion​​

The Ohio State Bar Association is fully committed to the enhancement of diversity in the Association, the profession and in the justice system, and affirms its commitment toward a diverse and inclusive environment with equal access and equal opportunity.

OSBA Policy on Diversity and Inclusion in the Profession and the Justice System.

Ohio Resources​

​As part of this commitment, the OSBA has assembled several resources to help you and your clients, including:


NALP report on law firm diversity highlights 'incredibly slow pace of change'

The percentage of female and black associates increased slightly in law firms in 2016, though the representation is still below 2009 levels, according to a new report by the National Association for Law Placement.

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Diversity and U.S. legal history: Lectures and panels focus on the history of law’s treatment of identity groups

A group of leading scholars came together at Harvard University for the lecture series, “Diversity and U.S. Legal History.”

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Prevailing authorities and resources for bar leaders

Information and resources that explore many topics, including salary disparity, implicit bias and model policies.

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Reference Guide on Race and Its Impact on the Practice of Law

Information and resources that explore how racism can influence decision-making in the legal profession, the judicial system and  executive actions.


​​​Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations Final Report

The Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations was formed by Governor John Kasich on Dec. 12, 2014, to address the fractured relationships that exist between some communities and the police dedicated to serving them.​​


Your Rights If Questioned, Stopped or Arrested by the Police

The public's rights and responsibilities in dealing with law enforcement.


Police Use of Deadly Force: What You Need to Know

Answers to common questions about police procedure and conduct.​


Diversity and Inclusion Strategies That Work

A process for integrating, engaging, and leveraging diverse talent to optimize business goals from Kathleen Nalty Consulting, LLC.​​​


Racial Fairness Implementation Task Force Action Plan

2002 implementation of the 1999 recommendations of the Ohio Commission on Racial Fairness.


Grand Jury Task Force Releases Final Report

The Task Force to Examine Improvements to the Ohio Grand Jury System issued its final report and recommendations ​​to the Ohio Supreme Court. Convened by Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, the task force’s recommendations are intended to improve the public’s trust and confidence in the grand jury system.

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Advisory Council on Diversity I​nitiatives


The primary charge for the Advisory Council on Diversity Initiatives (ACDI) is to enhance diversity in the legal profession which is a significant goal of the Association.

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