2011 Leadership Academy

2011 Leadership Academy roster

Heather L. Allred
ProMedica Health System, Inc.

Matthew D. Besser
Bolek Besser Glesius LLC

Margaret Boyd LaPlante
Tribbie, Scott, Plummer & Padden

Michael C. Brink
Tucker Ellis & West LLP

Jennifer N. Brown
Arthur, O'Neil, Mertz, Michel & Brown

Sonya L. Cook
NetJets Assn. of Shared Aircraft Pilots

Daniel A. Cox
Gerner & Kearns Co., LPA

Erin L. Dickinson
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Monique A. Hall
Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Julie C. Hammond
West Chester

Stacy C. Hinners
Buckley King LPA

Amanda M. Leffler
Brouse McDowell LPA

Andrew P. Lycans
Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd.

Kevin P. Murphy
Walter & Haverfield LLP

Patrica S. Murphy
Turocy & Watson, LLC

Shelly R. Musshel-Kennedy
Lucas County Common Pleas Court

Jocelyn N. Prewitt-Stanley
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Lee Ann Rabe
Ohio Attorney General Office

Marquettes D. Robinson
Thacker Martinsek LPA

Adam J. Russ
Frantz Ward LLP

Melissa D. Skilliter
Southeastern Ohio Legal Services

Stephanie L. Warner
The Law Office of Stephanie L. Warner, Esq.
Lewis Center

Rebecca L. West-Estell
Law Office of Rebecca West-Estell

Karen P. Wu
Legal Aid of Western Ohio

2011 Leadership Academy graduates' comments

I believe that my participation made me aware of leadership opportunities, as well as making me look at my own community to see where leadership opportunities may exist locally. It has given me many ideas as to how I can use the skills I have learned.

The most intriguing for me was the session regarding legislative opportunities. I always thought that in order to be a part of the legislative process I needed to become an elected official which I was not interested in doing. However, I learned ways that I could participate in the legislative process without becoming an elected official.

I do believe the leadership training has fostered connections which will assist in easier coordination of lead­ership opportunities.

I am pleased that the Academy exposes participants to various volunteer and leadership opportunities in the bar communities around the state. I was particularly inspired by the involvement of OSBA leaders in the program, who are clearly dedicated to service. For various reasons (including obligations to other community service endeavors), I have not previously considered serving in bar leadership areas. As a result of the Academy, I am sincerely motivated to incorporate professional leadership in my life.

The involvement of OSBA and other professional leaders was invaluable in raising awareness of leadership roles, and why and how lawyers should manage the leadership in their lives.

The roundtable discussions, including discussion of diversity issues, helped me better appreciate these issues. Seeing how others reacted to the issues discussed was also enlightening and helped me understand the broader challenges to addressing the issues.

The session that we held regarding diversity, mentorship, etc. was an amazing session and definitely exposed me to a perspective that I had not really thought about in the past. Meeting with the Chief Justice was another fantastic opportunity to learn what the highest jurist in the State feels are the important things facing the profession.

I learned that the legal profession I s multi-faceted, even more than I thought. Each workshop provided new views of the services that someone in the legal profession can provide. I walked away from each workshop inspired to do more.

The sessions were very conducive to inspiring discussions of various issues in the profession; sometimes as a specific agenda item, and sometimes through the natural discourse that ensues as various topics are discussed. I found the academic exchange of ideas and opinions to be stimulating, regardless of whether I was in agreement with the positions taken by my colleagues or the presenters

Not only have I met leaders from across the state in the seminars that were provided,  I believe I also learned about leadership opportunities from them, and ways that I can better serve my community and my profession. I also believe that this academy has allowed me to see future leaders from across the state in my fellow class from the leadership academy, which provides me with a network for leadership opportunities, as well as friendship and support. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have connected with other lawyers, some of whom practice in my community, and some who live in other areas of the state. The diversity (racial, ethnic, religious, employment type, practice area, background, etc.) lends itself to exposure to different perspectives among professionals. As such, I think the diversity is a key component of the program and its success.

I believe that the relationships formed with my classmates will last throughout my career and beyond. I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity to meet such intelligent and compassionate people.

I really think you have done a wonderful service by sponsoring this service and leadership opportunities. I was impressed that the past, current, and future presidents attended.


I feel very blessed to have been chosen to participate in this program. It is my goal to pay it forward and be available to the OSBA to assist in any way possible in gratitude for allowing me to be a part of this leadership academy.

It exceeded my expectations! While I did not know what to expect from the academy the sessions left me inspired and invigorated to be the best attorney I could possibly be and not just in the court room.

The sessions opened my eyes to the variety of ways that I can and should serve my community with my training.



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