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About OSBA

The Ohio State Bar Association, founded in 1880, is a voluntary professional association open to any person who has been admitted to the practice of law. Law school students, paralegal students and paralegals sponsored by an OSBA attorney member are eligible for membership in the OSBA as associate members.

The OSBA represents more than 26,000 Ohio lawyers and judges, nearly 70 percent of Ohio law practitioners.

Total membership is about 31,000, which includes paralegals and student associate members. From the date of its founding until today, the Association’s objects, according to its Constitution, have been to:

  • Advance the science of jurisprudence;
  • Promote improvement of the law and administration of justice;
  • Uphold integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession and encourage and enforce adherence to high standards of professional conduct;
  • Take positions on matters of public interest as deemed advisable;
  • Encourage thorough legal education;
  • Cultivate cordial relations among members of the Bar; and
  • Perpetuate the history of the profession and the Association.

Our core purpose is to advance the professional interests of members of the Ohio State Bar Association. Our core values are member satisfaction, professionalism, foresight and quality services and products. Our goal is to make membership in the Ohio State Bar Association indispensable to Ohio lawyers.

The OSBA does not license attorneys to practice law in Ohio. The Supreme Court of Ohio is the licensing body. For a complete listing of all attorneys licensed in Ohio, please visit the Court's website.

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