Article VIII: Secretary

§8.1 The secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Association, the Council of Delegates and the Board of Governors, and perform the usual duties of such office.  The secretary shall maintain an office in the City of Columbus, and shall be subject to the orders and directions of the president and the Board of Governors of the Association.

§8.2 Reports, recommendations and resolutions filed with the secretary, or synopses thereof, prepared by members, committees, and sections of the Association, for presentation to the Council of Delegates, shall be published in the Ohio State Bar Association Report or other publication of the Association that is distributed to all regular members, as directed by the Board of Governors, at least one week before the meeting of the Council at which any such report, recommendation or resolution is to be presented for consideration; and a report of the proceedings of each meeting of the Council shall be published in the same publication within sixty days after such meeting.



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