Article X: Board of Governors

§10.1   There shall be a Board of Governors consisting of the president, the president-elect, and the immediate past president, all of whom shall be regular members of the Association, and one member elected by regular members of the Association in each of the districts established under authority of Article XII and in the manner set forth in Article XIII.  The president-elect, subject to approval by the Board of Governors, shall appoint one additional regular member of the Association to serve a three-year term on the Board of Governors.  The terms of office of elected members of the Board of Governors and the member appointed by the president-elect shall be three years beginning on July 1 next following their elections or appointment.  The terms of the elected members shall be alternated as provided by the Board of Governors.

§10.2  The Board of Governors shall manage the affairs of the Association, including but not limited to budgetary matters, subject to the Constitution and Bylaws; shall make provision for maintaining and administering the offices of the Association; and shall have full power and authority to do all acts and perform all functions of the Association in the intervals between regular meetings of Association members, except that the Board shall not have power to amend the Constitution.  Actions taken by the Board of Governors pursuant to §11.7, in the intervals between regular meetings of the Council of Delegates, which deal with recommending changes in the law or in the administration of justice shall be deemed acts of the Association, subject, however, to modification or reversal of such actions at a subsequent meeting of the Council of Delegates.

§10.3  The Board of Governors shall have authority to promulgate bylaws for the conduct of its own meetings, meetings of the Association, and meetings of the committees and section of the Association, which bylaws shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution.  The Board of Governors shall create such committees of the Board of Governors as it deems appropriate.  The president, president-elect and immediate past president shall be non-voting members of all Board of Governors standing committees.

§10.4  All property of the Association, real, personal, and mixed, shall be held in the name of the Association.  The Association is authorized to rent, lease, own, buy, sell, mortgage, or pledge real or personal property.  Any one of the following officers:  president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, or executive director, shall be authorized to execute all documents in connection therewith other than the sale of real estate which shall require the signature of at least two of those officials.  No lease, purchase, sale or mortgage of Association real estate or pledge of personal property shall be completed without the express authorization of the Board of Governors.

§10.5  Authority is vested in the Board of Governors to establish and collect a registration fee from each member attending a regular meeting of the Association as a condition precedent to registration and participation in any of the activities of such meeting, other than participation in the election of the president-elect, the meeting of the Council of Delegates, or the General Assembly.

§10.6  No person who has been elected or appointed to a full term pursuant to §10.1 to the Executive Committee or the Board of Governors shall thereafter be eligible to be elected or appointed to the Board of Governors.

§10.7  Each member of the Board of Governors from a district shall be the representative of the Association in that district.  The Board of Governors member shall call and preside at all district meetings; shall promote the purposes of and stimulate membership in the Association in the district; shall seek to correlate the work and activities of this Association with the work and activities of local bar associations within the district; and shall perform such other duties in the district as may be assigned by the president or the Board of Governors.



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