Article XVIII: Dues

§18.1  In this article "member" shall not include life members.
§18.2  Each regular member shall pay Association dues in advance, which payment shall include a subscription to the Ohio State Bar Association Report.

§18.3  Annual membership dues for each regular member shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Governors, subject to the approval of the Council of Delegates.  Dues for other classes of members shall be determined by the Board of Governors.

§18.4  Regular members shall be elected only in accordance with the provisions of Article IV.  Each applicant for membership shall pay, in advance, with an application for membership, (a) dues computed on a quarterly basis for the unexpired portion of the year in which the application is filed; and (b), if the application is filed within the last quarter of the year, then also annual dues for the next full year.  If and when an application is rejected, dues so paid in advance shall be promptly returned to the applicant.

§18.5  No person shall continue to be a member who is determined by the Board of Governors to be in default of payment of dues or who has been suspended or disbarred or has resigned the right to practice law in Ohio.

§18.6  Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, the Board of Governors shall have the authority to remit in whole or in part or extend the time for payment of dues in any case or cases in which the Board of Governors shall deem it to be for the best interest of the Association.

§18.7  A member may at any time file a resignation in writing with the secretary and such resignation shall become effective as of the date it is filed, but there shall be no remission of dues for the remainder of the year in which such resignation was filed.  The Board of Governors may reinstate any member who has resigned, provided that there is no complaint or charge pending as to such person, upon written request for reinstatement without re-election, if such request is accompanied by the dues required of an applicant for membership as provided in §18.4 and provided further that such written request is filed within two years after the filing of the resignation with the secretary.



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