Article XX: Amendments

§20.1  This Constitution may be amended only by the vote of a majority of the regular members in attendance at a regular or special meeting of the Association. Any such amendment shall be proposed by the filing with the secretary of the Association of a petition containing the full text of the proposed amendment(s) signed by either (i) a majority of the members of the Board of Governors; (ii) one-half of the members of the Council of Delegates; or  (iii) as many regular members of the Association in good standing as there are members of the Council of Delegates at the time the proposed amendment(s) is filed, not more than two-thirds of such signers being from any one district. Upon receipt of any such petition proposing an amendment, the Board of Governors shall, at its next scheduled meeting, specify whether such proposed amendment(s) shall be considered at the next regular meeting of the Association, or at a special meeting called by the Board pursuant to Section 14.1; provided, however, that a special meeting called for the purpose of considering any proposed amendment(s) of this Constitution shall only be called for a date on which the Council of Delegates will also be meeting. Thereafter, the Board of Governors shall publish the full text of said proposed amendment(s), and a notice of the meeting at which the proposed amendment(s) will be considered, in a publication of the Association that is distributed to all regular members, as directed by the Board of Governors, not less than four weeks prior to the date of such meeting and reference to the proposed amendment(s) be published at least three additional times in the same publication.



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