Filing a grievance with the Ohio State Bar Association

​​The Supreme Court of Ohio regulates the conduct of lawyers and judges through the Rules of Professional Conduct and a Code of Judicial Conduct. Ohio lawyers and judges must obey their oaths of office and the rules outlined in the Codes. These Codes include ethical standards that each lawyer must follow. If a person believes a lawyer or judge has violated their respective codes, they have the right to file a grievance against that lawyer or judge.

The Grievance Committee of the Ohio State Bar Association is authorized by the Supreme Court of Ohio to investigate such grievances; it generally limits itself to investigation of grievances against judges and magistrates, but it also has authority to investigate alleged misconduct by lawyers, as appropriate.

If you wish to file a grievance against a judge or magistrate with the Ohio State Bar Association, you may download a form. If you would prefer to have a form mailed to you, please call (800) 282-6556, ask for the Ethics Line voicemail, and leave your name and address. You can also email your request for a grievance form to Grievances must, however, be signed and submitted in writing. Electronic or facsimile submissions will not be accepted.

To file a grievance against an attorney, please contact your local bar association or the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

The disciplinary process, i.e., a grievance, will not affect or change court or other decisions made in a case. In addition, the Ohio State Bar Association is not permitted to provide advice, counsel, or representation to members of the public concerning specific legal matters.

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