OSBA Staff Directory


*All phone numbers begin with (614) 487 and then dial the extension listed, unless stated otherwise.


​Mary Amos Augsburger, ​Executive Director, Ext. 2050​
Rick Bannister, ​Assistant Executive Director of Member Services, Development, Policy, Public Affairs and Outreach, Ext. 4404
Bill Weisenberg, Senior Policy Advisor, Ext. 4414
Desiree Blankenship, Assis​tant Executive Director of Legal and Business Affairs/General Counsel, Ext. 4413
​Eric Wells, Assistant Executive Director of Finance and Business Affairs and CFO, Ext. 4409
​​​Colleen Evans, ​Senior Director for Membership and Program Development, Ext. 4449
Ken Brown
, ​​Senior Director, Public Affairs and Communications Strategies, Ext. 4426
Cheryl A. Minnick, Senior Executive Assistant, Ext. 4442

Bar Services​

Sylvia Brown, ​​Director of Bar Services, Ext. 4433
Halle Malcomb
, Manager of Committees and Sections, Ext. 4429
Chris Roudez, Committees and Sections Engagement Coordinator, Ext. ​4469

Continuing Legal Education

Fran Wellington, Director of CLE, Ext. 4432
​Kerschie Byerly, ​​​Senior CLE Publications Editor, Ext. 4430
​Todd Burch, CLE Program Manager, Ext. 4440​
Deanna Freeman, ​​CLE Program Administrator, Ext. 4448
Jennifer Harrell, Senior CLE Program Manager, Ext. 4460
Jim Hogan, ​​Printing Manager, Ext. 4465
Don Lee, Production Coordinator, Ext. 4446
Chris Loehrer, Studio Operations Manager, Ext. 4416
Betsy Metzger, ​​CLE Program Administrator, Ext. 4428
Lynda Morris, ​​CLE Program Coordinator, Ext. 4408
Melissa Quick, ​​Manager of CLE Certification and Specialization, Ext. 4411
Jeff Ross, ​​Printer, Ext. 4447
Judy Ann Schiewer, ​​​CLE Registrar, Ext. 4455

General Counsel

​Desiree Blankenship, ​​​Assistant Executive Director of Legal and Business Affairs/General Counsel, Ext. 4413
Paula Hickey
, ​​​Executive Assistant for Legal Affairs, Ext. 4420
Kellyn Kropinak
, ​​​Paralegal, Ext. 4467

Government Relations

Todd Book, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Ext. 4464
Jennifer Moreland, ​​​Executive Assistant for Policy, Public Affairs and Outreach, Ext. ​4473

Help Desk

Ext. 4479​ or 4470

Insurance Agency

​Steve Couch, ​​​Director of Insurance Agency, (614) 488-7924
Danna Blackburn, Sales Executive,(614) 572-0616
Tammy Thornton, Senior Sales Executive, (614) 572-0616

Meetings and Events

Brian Misencik, Meetings Manager, Ext. 4427
Lisa Martin, Meetings Coordinator, Ext. 4415
Olivia DelGarbino, Sales and Meetings Representative, Ext. 4453
Krista Suffron, Executive Meetings Assistant, Ext. 4488

​Membership Services

Elizabeth Krile, ​​Director of Membership Services, Ext. 4494
Stephanie Hanna, ​​Senior Manager of Member Outreach and Engagement, Ext. 4406
Deborah Brower, Data Processor, Ext. 4480
Gail Buttrick, ​​Receptionist, Ext. 0
Sue Frazier, Member Service Center Rep., Ext. 4471
Julie Neal, ​​Member Service Center Rep., Ext. 4468
Judy (White) Quint, ​​Member Services Manager, Ext. 4419
Alisa Rife, ​​Member Records Representative, Ext. 4417
Betsy Smith, Call Center Coordinator, Ext. 4437


Ken Brown, ​​Senior Director, Public Affairs and Communications Strategies, Ext. 4426
Nina Corbut, ​​Director, Creative Strategies, Ext. 4461
Scott Richards, Director of Marketing, Ext. 4441
Kristina Phillips, Business Analytics and Reporting Manager, Ext. 2050
Andy Hartzell, Senior Manager, Content Strategies and Outreach, Ext. 4412
Debby Cooper, Manager, Public Content Strategies, Ext. 4425
​Jon Berrien, ​​​Manager, Video and Digital Content Strategies, Ext. 4418
Dan Beckley, Website and Digital Content Strategist, Ext. 4472
Tori Metzger, Content Strategist, Ext. 4402
​​Laura Donovan, ​​​Graphic and Digital Designer, Ext. 4491
Chris Lochinski, ​​​Graphic and Digital Designer, Ext. 4454

*All phone numbers begin with (614) 487 and then dial the extension listed, unless stated otherwise.



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