Ohio State Bar Association Affiliates


The Ohio State Bar Association has several affiliates working to provide services and assistance to the many lawyers, judges, paralegals, teachers and law school students throughout Ohio. The OSBA either founded or helped found all of the affiliates. Some are for-profit and some are nonprofit. Each affiliate has its own board or other entity in charge in which the OSBA has input into the makeup. Information regarding each organization is included below.

OSBA affiliates (with links to their respective websites) include the:

Law and Lead​​​ership Institute (LLI)

The Law and Leadership Institute, LLC (LLI) is a statewide initiative in collaboration with the legal community that inspires and prepares students from underserved communities for post-secondary and professional success through a comprehensive four-year academic program in law, leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing skills and professionalism. LLI successfully obtained status as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization in 2010. It is governed by a board of directors of seventeen members consisting of representatives of the Ohio legal community that includes one designee of the OSBA, one designee of the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education, one designee of the Supreme Court of Ohio and one designee of the Consortium of Metropolitan Bar Associations.

1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, Ohio  43204

LLI Staff

Name ​Title ​Email ​Phone

​Steve Jemison

CEO sjemison@lawandleadership.org​(614) 485-3504

​Heather Creed

​COOhcreed@lawandleadership.org (614) 485-3504

​Rachel Wilson

​Program Director

rwilson@lawandleadership.org(614) 485-3504

LLI Board of Directors
Name Title/Organization

​Steve Jemison, Esq.

​President and CEO, Law and Leadership Institute, LLC

​Stuart F. Cubbon

​Treasurer, Law and Leadership Institute, LLC
Partner and President, Cubbon & Associates

​​Lisa L. Eschleman

​Secretary, Law and Leadership Institute, LLC
Executive Director, Ohio Center for Law-Related Education

​Howard Bell

​Executive Director of Pre-Law Programs
Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions

Pariss M. Coleman II

​Partner, Cooper and Kowalski, LPA

​Paul N. Harris

​Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Melissa Kendralla

​Educator, South-Western City School District

​Hugh McKay, Esq.

​Partner-in-Charge of the Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur Cleveland Office
Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur

​Alan Michaels

​Dean and Edwin M. Cooperman Professor of Law
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

​Michael L. Robinson, Esq.

​Attorney at Law

​Nancy H. Rogers

​Professor Emeritus of Law
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

​Honorable Jeffrey S. Sutton

​U.S. Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit

​Carl Smallwood, Esq.

​Partner, Vorys Columbus Office
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP


Ohio Bar Lia​​bility Insurance Company (OBLIC)

Founded by the OSBA in 1979, the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company was one of the first companies in the country formed solely to provide professional liability insurance to lawyers and has been a positive force in the competitive marketplace ever since. The organization keeps the malpractice needs of Ohio attorneys as its top concern, devising plans for part-time and employed lawyers, providing a claims-free discount for those individuals who have been without a malpractice claim. It has provided, and will continue to provide, insurance availability at a reasonable price.

1650 Lake Shore Drive
P.O. Box 2708
Columbus, Ohio 43216-2708
(614) 488-7924

Steve CouchPresident and CEOscouch@oblic.com
Frederick HunkerVice President of Claims, Attorneyfhunker@oblic.com
Rodney McGoughDirector of Finance and Accountingrmcgough@oblic.com
Antionette M. GoffDirector of Information Technologyagoff@oblic.com
Gretchen Koehler MoteDirector of Loss Prevention, Attorneygmote@oblic.com
Kelley BlessingAdministrative Assistantkblessing@oblic.com
Angela E. PoeUnderwriting Managerapoe@oblic.com
Linda L. ShawUnderwriterlshaw@oblic.com
Rachel RitchieNew Business Underwriterrritchie@oblic.com
Megan WilsonUnderwriting Assistantmwilson@oblic.com
Jamie RoushUnderwriting Assistantjroush@oblic.com
Christine ThrallAccounting Techniciancthrall@oblic.com
Kelly MercyFinance and Accounting Assistantkmercy@oblic.com
Carl MarshClaims Counsel, Attorneycmarsh@oblic.com

OBLIC Board of Directors

John S. StithChairCincinnati
Steve CouchPresidentColumbus
Paula L. BrooksMemberColumbus
Pariss M. Coleman IIMemberToledo
​E. Ann Gabriel
​John Holschuh​Member​Cincinnati
Barbara J. HowardMemberCincinnati
James R. JefferyMemberToledo
Thomas D. LammersVice-ChairCelina
Doloris F. LearmonthMemberCincinnati
Jordan A. Miller Jr.TreasurerColumbus
Frederick L. OremusMemberAthens
​Denny L. Ramey
Heather G. SowaldMemberColumbus
Thomas M. TaggartMemberColumbus
Robin G. WeaverMemberCleveland
​Linde Hurst Webb​Member​Sylvania
James M. WilesMemberColumbus

Ohio Center for Law-Related ​Education (OCLRE)

The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that partners with teachers to bring citizenship to life for students. Its core purpose is to improve society by developing citizens empowered with an understanding of our democratic system. Some of the programs offered to engage students from grades 4-12 include Project Citizen, Youth for Justice, We the People, Moot Court and Mock Trial for both high school and middle school. OCLRE also offers conferences, such as the Law and Citizenship conference and the Ohio Government in Action conference. Both allow teachers to acquire innovative teaching strategies regarding civic education, government and the law. OCLRE is sponsored by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Attorney General of Ohio, the Ohio State Bar Association and the ACLU of Ohio Foundation.


1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43204
(877) 485-3510

Name Title Email
Kate Strickland
Executive Director kstrickland@oclre.org
Ryan SuskeyDirector of Professional Development and Programsrsuskey@oclre.org
Tim Kalgreen, M. Ed.Program Coordinator tkalgreen@oclre.org
​Caitlyn Smith
​Program Coordinator for Mock Trial/Moot Court programs
Cathy Genest GodfreyDatabase Coordinator cgodfrey@oclre.org
Allison Smith
Administrative Assistant

OCLRE Board of Trustees

Marion Smithberger, President, Columbus
Thomas E. Friedman, Secretary, Columbus
Pierce J. Reed, Treasurer, Columbus
Lee Belardo, Avon
Pam Vest Boratyn, Columbus
Gary Daniels, Columbus
Richard A. Dove, Columbus
Daniel G. Hilson, Columbus
William M. Owens, Coshocton

Ohio Lawy​ers Assistance Program (OLAP)

The Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Ohio's judges, attorneys and law students obtain treatment for substance abuse, chemical dependency, addiction and mental health issues. Through OLAP, individuals receive confidential advice about such problems; help in arranging and implementing formal interventions; help in deciding between outpatient, inpatient and other treatment options; and monitoring and aftercare services. OLAP receives funding and other assistance from the Supreme Court of Ohio; the Ohio State Bar Association; the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company; and local bar associations around Ohio.

1650 Lake Shore Drive
Suite 375
Columbus, OH 43204-4991

Name Title Email


Scott R. Mote

Executive Director


(800) 348-4343

Stephanie S. Krznarich

Clinical Director


(800) 348-4343

Megan R. Snyder

Clinical Associate


(800) 348-4343

Paul A. Caimi

Associate Director


(800) 618-8606

Patrick J. Garry

Associate Director


(513) 623-9853



Ohio State Bar Association Insu​​rance Agency (OSBAIA)

OSBA Insurance Agency was created in 1993 to provide insurance to members of the Ohio State Bar Association and has recently began representing the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company to provide its products to OSBA members as well. OSBAIA works with lawyers, paralegals and law school students to develop plans based on individual needs. OSBAIA provides many different types of coverage and works with a number of insurance providers to get the best products and rates for you. The OSBAIA provides the opportunity to achieve better pricing and features for some products that would be unobtainable otherwise.

1650 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43204
Contact (855) 745-9222 to speak to a live agent or email us at insurance@osbainsuranceagency.com.

Name Title Email Phone
​Steve Couch​Director of Insurance Agency
scouch@oblic.com​(614) 488-7924
Danna Blackburn Sales Executive dblackburn@osbainsuranceagency.com (614) 572-0616
Tammy ThorntonSenior Sales Executive tthornton@osbainsuranceagency.com (614) 572-0616

OSBAIA Board of Directors

Alan BerlinerChairColumbus
Jack Stith
​Board Member
Steve Couch
​Board MemberColumbus
​Barbara F. Yaksic​Board MemberCleveland
​Chad Burton
​Board Member


Ohio State Bar Foundation (OSBF)

The Ohio State Bar Foundation was formed by the OSBA in 1951 as the charitable arm of the Ohio State Bar Association. The OSBF takes pride in offering Ohio lawyers an opportunity to renew their zeal for the law through expertise and giving. OSBF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose members include attorneys and judges and it is dedicated to the mission of promoting public understanding of the law and improvements in the justice system throughout Ohio. The OSBF awards grants to organizations that embody its mission and recognizing those who have excelled in their professional achievements. The OSBF Fellows Class members single out a legal issue each year, and apply their collective expertise to find a solution. The Foundation enhances pride in the legal profession and increases public confidence in lawyers.

Join its cause.

1700 Lake Shore Drive
Columbus, Ohio  43204

 Name TitleEmail Phone
Alison M. Belfrage Executive Director abelfrage@osbf.net (614) 487-4443
​Tammy Savage
​Director of Donor Relations
tsavage@osbf.net​(614) 487-4477
Kristin Eckert
Program and Events Manager keckert@osbf.net (614) 487-4474
Staci M. Waterman Operations Manager swaterman@osbf.net (614) 487-4444
​Kate Clements​Grants and Communications Coordinator
kclements@osbf.net​(614) 487-4450
​Sarah Lodge
​Administrative Assistant
slodge@osbf.net​(614) 487-4483

OSBF Board of Trustees


Ohio State Legal Services Associati​on (OSLSA)

OSLSA is a nonprofit legal services program, founded in 1966 by the Ohio State Bar Association, which provides assistance and representation to low-income Ohioans on civil legal issues. OSLSA has two direct service components (Southeastern Ohio Legal Services and the Legal Aid Society of Columbus) and an advocacy and support affiliate (the Ohio Poverty Law Center). Its administrative offices, the main office of the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, and the Ohio Poverty Law Center are located in Columbus. Seven direct service offices serve 35 counties in central and southeastern Ohio. OSLSA receives grants from the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation and the Legal Services Corporation. It is OSLSA's goal to act as general counsel to the client community and it is committed to searching out the patterns, causes, and solutions of the recurring and fundamental legal problems facing the client community, and seeking legal recourse necessary to redress the grievances of clients, both as a community and as individuals.

555 Buttles Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(800) 589-5888 or (614) 221-7201

Title Email


Thomas W. Weeks

Executive Director


ext. 112

James Daniels

Deputy Director SEOLS


ext. 109

Eugene R. King

Managing Attorney State Support


ext. 125

OSLSA Board of Trustees*




Helen M. Hrinko



William Taylor

Vice President


Rita Fuchsman



Brenda Scheiderer


Mount Vernon

Richard Brooks

Attorney Board Member


Phil Brown

Attorney Board Member


Carolyn J. Carnes

Attorney Board Member


Mary Keifer

Attorney Board Member


Richard D. Manoloff

Attorney Board Member


Jonathan W. Marshall

Attorney Board Member


Becky Gray

Client Board Member

New Philadelphia

Kim Brashear

Client Board Member


Linda Lewandowski

Client Board Member


Sandy Morehead

Client Board Member

St. Clairsville

Kathy Mowry

Attorney Board Member


Richard C. Pfeiffer Jr.

Attorney Board Member


Mary Partree

Client Board Member


Hon. John M. Solovan II

Attorney Board Member


John Stevenson

Attorney Board Member


Phyllis Violet

Client Board Member


Linda Weber

Attorney Board Member


*Attorney board members are nominated by their local bar associations but are appointed by the OSBA. The client board members are identified and recruited from their local communities.



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Monday - Friday