OSBA Guidelines for Publishing Content in OSBA Publications and Through the OSBA Website

The Ohio State Bar Association's core purpose is to advance the professional interests of OSBA members. Our core values are member satisfaction, professionalism, foresight and quality services and products. When determining what will be acceptable for publication, contributors should keep these purposes and goals in mind.

All content published by the OSBA, whether through an OSBA publication or the OSBA website, is subject to review by appropriate OSBA staff.

Editorial Standards
Content for OSBA publication or website posting will be accepted based on the following criteria:

Timeliness and accuracy: Acceptable content must be accurate and timely. OSBA staff will ensure that content adheres to the OSBA's standards of form and style. Prior to publication, contributors will be consulted regarding significant editorial modifications or any need for content updating.

Content: The OSBA strives to offer a wide choice of quality content that appeals to the OSBA audience: Ohio lawyers, paralegals, law students, law professors, judges, magistrates, legal professionals, journalists and Ohio citizens interested in legal topics.

The OSBA seeks the highest quality content. Articles may include practical, procedural, theoretical, philosophical, informational, argumentative or otherwise newsworthy submissions on issues relating to the law, the judicial system, the legal system or the mission and activities of the OSBA, its affiliates or members.

The OSBA does not publish the following types of articles: advertorials; political candidate articles; political issues (except for those issues upon which the OSBA Board of Governors has taken a position); improper, distasteful or obscene articles; articles deemed not to be appropriate for publishing by the OSBA.

Byline: An author byline will be provided with the article, according to the following format example: Jane Smith [name] is an attorney [job title] with XYZ and Associates [company] in Columbus [city].

Disclaimer: The following disclaimer statement may be added to any article submitted for OSBA publication or posting:  This article is intended to provide broad, general information. Before applying this information to a specific legal problem, readers should seek advice from their own attorney.

License agreement and copyrights: Submission of content for OSBA publication or website posting signifies the OSBA has specific approval from the copyright holder to post or print the material. All contributors submitting articles for OSBA publication or website posting must sign a license agreement provided by the OSBA that authorizes the OSBA's use of the material. Copyrights remain the property of the author(s) unless the OSBA specifically requests copyrights for use in a particular publication.

Submission guidelines:
1) Submissions must be complete. The OSBA will not consider outlines, pitches or partially completed works for publication or posting.

2) Submitter must include his/her name, address, company (if applicable), title and contact information (email address and/or telephone number).

3) Submitter will receive confirmation of submission from OSBA staff by phone or email.

4) Timeline for content review and publication/posting depends on volume of submissions and editorial calendars.

5) Submitter will be notified if content is accepted for publication/posting.

6) If content is rejected, OSBA staff will make every effort to notify the submitter. However, that may not always be possible.



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