Weapons Policy

In the interest of maintaining a safe environment for all employees, members and other visitors, the Ohio State Bar Association prohibits the possession, transport and storage of all weapons on Association property and in any Association programs, regardless of whether or not the person responsible for the weapon is otherwise licensed to carry it. This policy does not apply to any law enforcement personnel or security personnel engaging in official duties.

"Association property" covered by this policy includes all Association-owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas, such as sidewalks, walkways, parking lots and driveways. Furthermore, "Association property" includes all Association-owned or leased vehicles and all locations at which employees conduct business as representatives of the company. "Association programs" include on and off-site CLE programs, the OSBA Annual Meeting, district meetings and any other OSBA-sponsored or arranged events of any kind.

"Weapons" include, but are not limited to, handguns, firearms, explosives, knives and other items that may be defined as weapons under state, federal or local laws or ordinances.

If employees or visitors have questions regarding whether items are prohibited by this policy, they should contact Rick Bannister, assistant executive director of administration, before bringing the items onto Association property or into Association programs.

For purposes of monitoring compliance with this policy, the Association reserves the right to search all Association-owned or leased vehicles and all other vehicles, packages, containers, briefcases, purses, lockers and desks maintained or brought onto Association property or into Association programs.

Any employee failing or refusing to comply with any aspect of this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including immediate termination.

Any visitor or guest bringing a weapon onto Association property or into an Association program is in violation of this policy, forfeits any express or implied permission to enter or remain on the property or in the program and is subject to immediate removal, without reimbursement for any fees paid for rent, programs or events. Any organization or individual using Association property is responsible for communicating this policy to members and guests, and shall be responsible for enforcing it during the period of use.



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