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​​​​​​At OSBA CLE, we strive to assist you in your practice of law by using current technology to present as much up to the minute information as is available to us. Occasionally, seminar faculty provide us with electronic links, PowerPoint presentations and last-minute informational handouts that did not make it into the book of materials given out at each seminar. Program materials are available for two months after the program date.


​Seminar ​Handout​​
​June 7​Titles to Real Estate in Ohio​M. Russel handout​
​June 8​Young Lawyer Connect​​Mathews handout​
Porter handout​
​June 9-10​Fourth Annual Family Law Institute​Wellen and Barrett handout​​
​June 16
​Taking and Defending Effective Depositions
​Shouvlin handout
Lasley handout​
​June 29​Medicaid/Medicare ForumMeyer handout​​​
​June 29
​Medicaid/Medicare Forum
​Lowder Lidrbauch PowerPoint handout
​July 28​Elder Law Institute Highlights​​Borgmann handout​



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