Ohio Supreme Court rules for Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

​Active attorneys and attorneys registered for corporate status must complete and report 24 hours of accredited CLE activities every two years. Fulltime, part-time, and retired judges must complete and report 40 hours of accredited CLE activities. Magistrates and acting judges must complete and report 24 hours of accredited CLE activities every two years. Judges, acting judges, and magistrates also have a Judicial College requirement. CLE requirements are contained in Gov. Bar R. X and Gov. Jud. R. IV and are administered by the Commission on Continuing Legal Education and the Office of Attorney Services. Visit the Ohio Supreme Court's website for more details.

As of Jan. 1, 2014, Rule X Changes allow more self-study CLE


Ohio attorneys saw significant changes to their CLE requirements as of Jan. 1, 2014, including:


  • The number of hours an attorney may earn through self-study options (webcasts, on-demand video and audio podcasts) increased from 6 to 12 hours for each reporting biennium and

  • Professional conduct instruction (i.e., ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, access to justice and mental health) is now unbundled to allow more flexibility in choosing courses.

  • Attorneys will be able to "unbundle" their 2.5-hour professional conduct requirement. This means that attorneys will no longer be required to earn 1 hour of ethics, 1 hour of professionalism and .50 hour of substance abuse instruction each biennium, but rather will be permitted to choose from a variety of subjects relating to professional conduct.

  • Attorneys may receive credit for CLE presentations that occur during a meal.

  • Attorneys are no longer be required to file a final reporting transcript. The OSBA has taken major steps to ensure it is positioned to provide you with the most comprehensive, Ohio-focused and competitively priced self-study options available for Ohio credit. 

For more details on specific rules related to NLT, go here, and for specialty credit, go here, or call Melissa Quick, Manager of CLE Certification and Specialization, at (800) 282-6556 ext. 4411.​

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