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The main objective of the Ohio State Bar Association College is to provide recognition for those lawyers and judges who have exceeded the required hours of continuing legal education each year.


By earning membership in the Bar College, attorneys qualify for a 15 percent discount on their liability insurance premiums if their insurance carrier is the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company.

Membership requirements

All attorney members of the Ohio State Bar Association are eligible to become members of the College.
CLE hours
You can become a member of the College by attending 24 hours of CLE in one calendar year. After becoming a member of the College, membership is maintained by attending a total of 24 hours of CLE per calendar year in all subsequent years for which membership is desired. Only those courses and corresponding CLE credits approved by the Ohio Supreme Court Commission on CLE will be accepted for Bar College membership.
Completed application forms
A completed form showing CLE hours is required for each year membership is requested.

Attendance records

An OSBA member who wants to qualify for Bar College membership shall report yearly the programs attended, dates, locations, course titles, sponsors and number of hours of credit. The Bar College retains the right to audit the records submitted. Only those course sponsors which are approved by the Ohio Supreme Court Commission on CLE will be accepted by the Bar College.

Applicants must report their CLE hours, as required by Rule X for the Governance of the Bar, to the Ohio Supreme Court Commission on CLE at the following address:
Supreme Court of Ohio
Commission on Continuing Legal Education
Ohio Judicial Center
65 S. Front St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431
(614) ​387-9320

Bar College deadline

Once 24 CLE credit hours are completed in one calendar year, applicants have until April 15 the following year to send completed applications to the OSBA Bar College Office. Applications received after April 15 must include a $25 late processing fee, and applications for that year will not be accepted after Dec. 31. No carryover CLE credit hours will be accepted.

Example: 2017 Bar College application due: April 15, 2018 (applications received after April 15 must include a $25 late fee).

2017 applications not accepted after Dec. 31, 2018.

Click here to download the application form (PDF).



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