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Advance registration is advised. Take advantage of our preregistration discount! Register prior to the date of the program and receive $25 off the walk-in registration fee!

If you do not receive a written confirmation or plan to register for the program call (800) 232-7124 to verify availability.

Registrations will be limited to available seating.


OSBA CLE reserves the right to change or cancel program plans if circumstances warrant, and credit hours are subject to approval by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The OSBA has 30 days to report CLE credit to the Supreme Court of Ohio.
Cancellations received by 5 p.m. the business day prior to the seminar will be refunded less a $25 office fee (for half-day or full-day seminars). For multiple-day seminars, the office fee is $25 per day. Those not attending will receive the course materials in full consideration of tuition paid.
OSBA CLE provides smoke-free conference rooms and encourages participants not to bring portable electronic equipment (cellular phones, laptops, etc.).

Services for persons with disabilities

If special arrangements are required for individuals to participate in this seminar, please contact OSBA CLE at least one week prior to the course date at (800) 232-7124.

Frequently asked questions about CLE

Do I have to take CLE classes my first year in practice?
Please contact the Supreme Court of Ohio at (614) 387-9325.

What are the CLE requirements mandated by the Supreme Court? Is this my year to report my CLE hours?
Please contact the Supreme Court of Ohio at (614) 387-9325.

What if I go over the 24-hour requirement? Do my extra hours roll over to the next reporting year?
A maximum of 12 hours can be carried over to the next reporting period.

How long does it take before the CLE hours show on my Supreme Court record?
OSBA has 30 days to close a course and report the attendee’s hours to the Court. The Supreme Court has 30 days to report the hours to your transcript.

To whom should I mail my credit hours for out of state study?
The Supreme Court Commission on CLE, 65 S. Front St., 5th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431.

How many hours of self study am I permitted?
The Supreme Court allows 12 hours per reporting period.

How do I take an on demand seminar?
Click here to view our CLE on demand catalog. Choose your desired seminar and purchase your order with a credit card. After your purchase, you can access and view the seminar immediately or log back into it later. Course materials are stored in PDF format and can be saved to your computer or printed. Once you have completed the seminar, click on the Certificate of Completion link to receive your certificate.

After purchasing an on demand CLE course, can it be refunded?
Yes, contact OSBA Member Services Center at (800) 232-7124.

After purchasing an on demand CLE seminar, how long before I have to take it?
You will have two months to complete your course if it is taken in the first 10 months of the year. If it is purchased after Oct. 31, you will have until Dec. 31 to complete the program.

Are there other sources of self study?
In addition to on demand courses, a webcast, offered at a specific time, is an option.

I am sitting for the Ohio Bar Exam and need the one hour of substance abuse credit. How can I get that?
We have the one hour substance abuse credit for students in our on demand library.

How do I know the Supreme Court will get my results for online study?
After you have completed viewing the course and completed viewing the course and completed the CLE Verification Quiz, and we will then transmit your record to the Supreme Court electronically within 30 days.

I notice on the brochure that you have a discount for three or more registrants from the same firm for the same program. I registered two people last week and would like to add another and receive the discount.
You must register everyone at the same time to get the discount.

Can non-attorneys register for programs or at a reduced rate?
They can register at the non-member rate.

Could I register for a program today and bring a check the day of the program?
No, we must have payment at the time of registration, unless it is a government agency that requires invoicing.

Someone in our office registered for a CLE program and they are unable to attend. Could someone else attend instead?
Yes, and we would prefer to have the information on the replacement before the program if possible.

I am disabled and have special needs. Who do I contact?
Please contact OSBA Member Services Center at (800) 232-7124.

Do I have to take a course before the expiration date on the coupon?
No, however you must purchase the course before the expiration date.

Can I use more than one coupon at a time?

Can anyone in the firm use my coupon?
No, coupons are non-transferable.

How long will it take to receive a refund if I cancel a course?
It will take approximately two weeks to receive your refund.

If it snows, can I transfer to another CLE?
Yes, you will be given the opportunity to transfer, if you call us the day before or the day of the course.

What is the “no show” policy?
If you are registered for one of our courses and do not attend the course, the course materials will be shipped to you and no CLE credit will be given.

How do I find out if a course has been approved for other types of credit (i.e., title insurance, real estate, CPA, CE or specialization)?
Please call our Call Center at (800) 232-7124, and they will be able to assist you with that information.

I took a half-day program on ethics, but I only received one hour of ethics credit. Why?
The Supreme Court will only give you one hour of ethics credit per biennium, and the rest of the ethics credits will become general credit.

I would like to speak at a CLE seminar. Whom do I contact?
Please contact Fran Wellington (614) 487-4432.

What is the difference between a simulcast and a video replay?
A simulcast occurs live in our building and is broadcast live to other locations. During a simulcast, you can ask questions and interact with the speakers by e-mail or phone. A video replay is a taped program of the original program on videotape or DVD.​



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