OSBA In-house CLE

OSBA CLE is the leading CLE provider in Ohio, hosting more than 300 live seminars annually. We can bring programs directly to your firm through our extensive video library featuring our most popular programs and speakers.

Benefits of In-house CLE through the OSBA

In-house CLE is convenient for both attorneys and those responsible for managing CLE at your law firm. In-house CLE eliminates travel time, allowing attorneys to spend more time with clients. Seminars are held based on your schedule, fitting naturally into your business cycle. And, all you have to do is choose a program, reserve a conference room and have someone on staff serve as the seminar monitor. The OSBA produces the course materials, applies for credit with the CLE Commission and submits the credits after the seminar is completed. And, all you have to do is choose a program, reserve a conference room, have someone on staff serve as the seminar monitor and promote it.

You can customize your firm’s in-house CLE curriculum to better meet the continuing legal education needs of your specific practice groups. We have a large video library that allows you to choose seminars based on practice type and skill level, allowing you to keep your firm updated on the rapid changes occurring in the marketplace.
In-house CLE is generally less expensive than sending your lawyers to off-site training. OSBA in-house CLE can go as low as $28 per credit hour per lawyer for a full-day seminar. This low hourly rate becomes even more attractive when you factor in the elimination of travel expenses!
How do you get started?
Scheduling your in-house CLE training is easy. You choose the seminars of interest to lawyers in your firm, pick dates that fit with your firm’s schedule and reserve one of your conference rooms. We will do the rest, including: applying for credit with the CLE commission; printing of supporting course materials; and submitting the CLE credit to the CLE Commission.

For more information, please call OSBA Manager of CLE Specialization and Certification Melissa Quick at (614) 487-4411 or email her at mquick@ohiobar.org.



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