Links Policy

Linking criteria
All internal links to departments and affiliates of the OSBA are acceptable.

No entity shall have the right for an external link on the OSBA Web site. All requests for external links are subject to the approval of the Director of Publications, whose approval shall be discretionary and subject to the policies of the OSBA in effect at the time, and shall further qualify under one of the following categories:

a.  Links to Web sites of federal, state, or local political subdivisions, agencies, offices, departments, or commissions of the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of government;

b.  Links to Web sites of international, national, state, local, and practice-specific bar associations;

c.  Links to Web sites of law schools, law libraries, and law student organizations;

d.  Links to Web sites of law journals, legal magazines, and other legal publications;

e.  Links to Web sites containing information, materials, and free resources used for legal research;

f.  Links to Web sites of publishers of legal information, including books, audio tapes, video tapes, and electronic media;

g.  Links to Web sites characterized as an Internet search engine or an Internet directory;

h.  Links to vendor Web sites who are either approved or endorsed by the OSBA or who are sponsoring an event or program of the OSBA;

i.  Links to other Web sites that contain information that further the goals of the OSBA and/or improving the quality of legal services; and,

j. Links to other Web sites that are consistent with the goals of the OSBA.

Information about requesting a link
• Links may be placed within the OSBA Web site upon approval by the Director of Publications.
• The appearance of links, including but not limited to graphic elements, text and sound, are subject to the approval of the OSBA.
• The OSBA is not responsible and shall be held harmless for the contents of any links from its Web site.
• The OSBA does not monitor any Web site or page where a link may occur.

The OSBA reserves the right to exclude links from the OSBA site for any reason.  Possible reasons for exclusion include, but are not limited to:

• Links to Web sites with a purpose of promoting political candidates or political, social or religious issues.
• Incongruity or lack of continuity with the goals of the OSBA Web site.  

Policy for linking to OSBA Web site
Other Web sites may link to the OSBA Web site subject to the express approval of the Director of Publications. This policy shall be published on the OSBA Web site. The Director of Publications is authorized to deny linking authority to any Web site or entity that shall be deemed adverse to the best interests of the OSBA.

Use of OSBA registered marks
Permission for use of the registered marks of the Ohio State Bar Association on any Web site, other than the mark for certified specialists on Web sites of specialists certified by the OSBA, will not be granted.

Approved by the OSBA Board of Governors January 2006.



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