What is OhioDocs?

OhioDocs is a cloud-based library of hundreds of legal documents that have been automated using HotDocs. These templates ask questions and automatically create customized documents based on the answers given. Available only be subscription to OSBA members, OhioDocs saves time, effort and money in the production of repetitive documents and forms.

Document assembly overcomes the problems in ordinary word processing, such as cutting, pasting and reformatting. You get a customized document with all the blanks filled in, all the pronouns and verbs grammatically in place, all the paragraphs properly placed and numbered—everything complete and correct, in a fraction of the time it would take you using a word processor.

OhioDocs’ new cloud-based delivery channel means that it is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any web-enabled device. Subscribers also enjoy instant, real-time updates.

For one low annual subscription fee, OSBA members can access the entire library of automated legal documents. Subscription rates start at $199/year (or $20/month) per user, with volume discounts available.

OhioDocs will help OSBA members increase productivity and lower costs; minimize errors; and improve document consistency.



View a prerecorded OhioDocs webinar.

Better methods for drafting legal documents

For document-intensive and transactional areas of practice, improved drafting methods directly impact the bottom line and improve client satisfaction. View this webinar to find out more.

For more information or to order, visit www.hotdocsmarket.com.

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