Ohio Title Standards


Ohio Title Standa​​rds

Click on the link above to access the Ohio Title Standards prepared by the Real Property Law Section of the Ohio State Bar Association. Click on one of the links below to download an individual section of the code.

Table of Contents​



1.1 General Rules-Marketability
1.2 Reference to Title Standards in Contracts for Sale or Purchase of Land
2.1 Examination-Discovering Defect in Title Previously Examined by Another
2.2 Examination-Period
2.3 Examination-Form
3.1 Conveyances-Acknowledgments
3.2 Conveyances-Descriptions
3.3 Conveyances-Delivery
3.4 Conveyances-Survivorship
3.5 Conveyances-Partnerships and LLCs
3.6 Conveyances-Recital of Marital Status
3.7 Conveyances-Dates: Omissions and Inconsistencies
3.8 Conveyances-Variance of Name
3.9 Conveyances-Powers of Attorney
3.10 Conveyances-By Executor or Other Fiduciary
3.11 Conveyances-From Corporation
3.12 Conveyances-Right to Purchase
3.13 Conveyances-Deed from Stranger
3.14 Conveyances-Deeds Subsequent to Mortgage
3.15 Quit Claim Deeds
3.16 Federal Revenue Stamps
3.17 Conveyances-By Heirs or Devisees
3.18 Unrecorded Disclosed Trusts
3.19 Re-recording of Defective Deed, After Corrections
4.1 Encumbrances-Court Costs
4.2 Encumbrances-Estate (Inheritance) Tax
4.3 Encumbrances-Release by Attorney
4.4 Encumbrances-Leases
4.5 Encumbrances-Foreclosed Mortgages
4.6 Encumbrances-Judgment Against Heirs
4.7 Encumbrances-Building and Use Restrictions with Forfeiture Provisions
4.8 Encumbrances-Subscription of Subdivision Plat by Lien Holders
4.9 Encumbrances-Current Agricultural Use Valuation
4.10 Encumbrances-Mortgage Release by Corporation
4.11 Encumbrances-Release of Re-Recorded Mortgages
5.1 Probate Court Proceedings-Inventory
5.2 Probate Court Proceedings-Debts After Four Years
5.3 Probate Court Proceedings-Certificates for Transfer
5.4 Probate Court Proceedings-Summary Land Sale
5.5 Probate Court Proceedings-Recording of Out-of-County Proceedings
5.6 Probate Court Proceedings-Mental Illness Proceedings
6.1 Process-Service by Publication When Name and Address of Defendant are Unknown
6.2 Service By Publication-Necessity to Identify Real Property
7.1 Court Proceedings-Verification of Pleadings
8.1 Marketable Title Act
9.1 Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure-Return Receipt Under Rule 4
9.2 Process-Name Unknown
9.3 Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure-Out-of-County Proceedings
9.4 Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure-Domestic Relations Proceedings
9.5 Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure-Out-of-State Defendants
10.1 Condominiums-By-Laws
10.2 Condominiums-Drawings
10.3 Condominiums-Declaration




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