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ADR Letter from Chief Justice

Dear Consumers:

I am pleased that the original Directory of Professionals in Dispute Resolution has been updated to provide comprehensive information on dispute resolution service providers. The availability of qualified neutrals to assist Ohioans in resolving disputes at every level enables our citizens to have more control over the resolution of of their disputes. Many non-litigation services can also provide opportunities to resolve disputes more quickly, with greater satisfaction and at a lower cost. Research on many kinds of mediation in Ohio's courts has shown that the litigants who use mediation services are very satisfied with the mediation process.

Of course, not all disputes are suitable for mediation or other forms of dispute resolution. I am pleased to see that this updated Web site incorporates information on litigation in its Dispute Resolution materials, thereby providing a balanced view of the full range of dispute mechanisms. Incorporating information on how to select the right process and choosing a neutral will help consumers and their advisors as they look to the appropriate option for their problems.

This directory is a significant step toward making dispute resolution services available to our citizens. I commend the Ohio State Bar Association and the Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management for supporting this useful resource. Bringing it to the World Wide Web is another step in making it universally helpful, and will heighten the visibility of Ohio's excellence in Dispute Resolution.


Thomas J. Moyer

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