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There is currently no certification, licensing or other regulation in Ohio of professional neutrals, nor are there any educational or experience requirements for mediators, arbitrators or other alternative dispute resolution service providers, except for Common Pleas courts which may have specific requirements for specific court-connected mediation programs that provide mediation of parenting issues. The information listed for each person in this Directory was provided solely by that person, and the Ohio State Bar Association has made no effort to verify the accuracy of the information given. Anyone in Ohio who wishes to hold himself or herself out as a mediator, arbitrator or ADR provider may do so. The persons listed in this Directory have paid a fee to be listed herein. Therefore, the Ohio State Bar Association HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for the information listed herein and MAKES NO WARRANTIES regarding the competence or qualifications of any person listed to provide the described services. The reader of this Directory may refer to the "Five Steps for Choosing a Qualified Mediator" located in the front portion of this Directory for some considerations in selecting a neutral or ADR service provider. However, such selection is solely the responsibility of and at the risk of the reader.



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