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For assistance with purchasing or using OhioDocs or any other general support questions, please send an email to or call (844) 536-4343.

If you have a suggestion for additional documents to be added to OhioDocs or other suggestions for overall improvement of the library, please send an e-mail to

Want to create a shortcut to make it easier to log into your OhioDocs account on HotDocs Market?

1. Create a browser bookmark to your "My Account" page on HotDocs Market, and place that shortcut on the desktop.

a. Right click on the Desktop, select New-> Shortcut:

b. Type the address, then click next:


c. Name the shortcut OhioDocs, then click Finish:



d. You will see an icon appear on the desktop, that you can click on to get to the HotDocs Market and OhioDocs.

2. You can avoid having to remember or type your login and password (and have the added benefit of adopting better security practices generally!) by adopting a password manager such as LastPass.

LastPass has a free option that costs nothing. It helps you by remembering passwords for all web sites you use, and has a sophisticated auto-fill mechanism that works perfectly with HotDocs Market.

Once you have the (free) LastPass add-in installed and configured, it creates a bookmark as outlined above, then getting to your content is easy:  a double-click to launch the bookmark, and one more click (or press of the Enter key) to log in (since LastPass will have already securely filled in your login details for you).



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