Student loan repayment


Whether trying to meet the demanding expectations of a new career, or even struggling to find that first legal job, a young lawyer faces a lot of challenges. T​here is hardly time left over to fret about impending student loan payments, yet financial planning should be on the forefront of all young lawyers’ minds.

Ohio State Bar Association members now have two simple ways to get financial planning advice from student loan expert Heather Jarvis:

Picture courtesy of Jarvis graduated cum laude from Duke University School of Law in 1998. Her plan was to become a criminal defense lawyer, but her student loans coerced her otherwise. Like so many young lawyers, Jarvis faced an enormous amount of student loan debt that was to be paid off in $1,200 monthly payments over 30 years. 

Jarvis deviated from her criminal defense track to pursue a facet of public interest with which she could personally resonate
advocating to reduce financial barriers for young professionals and striving to prepare graduates for successfully undertaking their own financial circumstances. 



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