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Sending a Message to the List

To post to the list, send your message to You can only post from the e-mail address at which you are subscribed (e.g., if you receive messages at e-mail address A at work, you can't post messages from e-mail address B at home). You must be subscribed to (a member of) the list that you are posting to.

List Etiquette

Always put a descriptive subject header on your messages to the list (e.g., "living trusts," not "general question"). If you're replying to a long message, only quote as much of the original as you must (remember everyone will have received the original message). Include your name. Do not send HTML formatted messages to the list. Not all members have e-mail packages that can handle this and it also makes the archives hard to read and search. Do not send attachments to the list. It is our intention to provide an alternative electronic distribution method for meeting minutes, etc.


Go to the OSBA Mailing List Server at to subscribe to any mailing list that we have available. Navigate to the list that you are interested in and hit the join button.

Reviewing or Searching the Archive of Messages on Our Web Site

Go to the OSBA Mailing List Server at and enter the list (you must be a member of the list) to search or browse the messages that have been sent to the list.

If You Think You Have Been Unsubscribed

Try signing up again (see "SUBSCRIBING" above). The Lyris list software will automatically unsubscribe you if messages bounce at your e-mail address for more than a week, so if your e-mail account has been malfunctioning or you haven't received messages for a week or more, try subscribing again.

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