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ABA task force guidance on m​​andatory gatekeeper provisions

This guidance was developed by the American Bar
Association Task Force on Gatekeeper Regulation and the Profession and others in response to concerns about federal legislative efforts to impose mandatory gatekeeper provisions, which may affect confidential attorney-client relationships and other issues.

Affinity​​​ Consulting

The OSBA's joint partnership with Affinity Consulting, Inc. provides a service for OSBA members who are looking for advice and consultation on all their technological needs.

Cloud Computing Education Resources​​

Cloud computing can help attorneys and law firms schedule meetings, organize cases, track time, and invoice their clients​. The OSBA has the help and resources you need to get started.​​


OSBA members receive substantial savings on many programs aimed at helping you and your practice, including discounts on office supplies, computers, overnight shipping, credit card processing fees, car rentals and much more.

The Econ​​omics of Law Practice in Ohio in 2013

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a principal in a large firm, and regardless of the geographic location of your practice, this survey provides the timeliest data available on the economics of law practice and the fiscal state of attorneys statewide.

How to file a workers' c​ompensation claim

Take the right steps for a workplace injury.


OfficeKeeper is a nuts and bolts resource guide to opening, maintaining and closing a law office, covering both the day-to-day operations of a law office, as well as professional responsibility. It includes checklists, forms, references and links to websites and the new Model Rules.

Ohio Bar Liability Insu​rance Company (OBLIC)

Founded by the OSBA in 1979, the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company was one of the first companies in the country formed solely to provide professional liability insurance to lawyers and has been a positive force in the competitive marketplace ever since. The organization keeps the malpractice needs of Ohio attorneys as its top concern, devising plans for part-time and employed lawyers, providing a claims-free discount for those individuals who have been without a malpractice claim. It has provided, and will continue to provide, insurance availability at a reasonable price.

Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP​)

The Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Ohio’s judges, attorneys and law students obtain treatment for substance abuse, chemical dependency, addiction and mental health issues.

OSBA Insurance Agenc​​​​​y

The OSBAIA works with lawyers, paralegals and law school students to develop plans based on individual needs. 

Sexual Harassment Policy an​d Procedure Guide

Succession Planning for Ohio Attorneys

Why is succession planning important for Ohio attorneys?

Supreme Court of Ohio Professionalism Dos and ​Don'ts: Depositions

If there is one area of the practice of law that consistently gives rise to an inordinate number of complaints about lack of professionalism, it is the area of depositions.

Supreme Court of Ohio Professionalism Dos and Don'ts: Working with Opposing Counsel and Oth​er Lawyers

By following these practices, lawyers will elevate the level of professionalism in their day-to-day interactions with other lawyers.​


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