OSBA membership: A good decision

A good decisionWhy is membership with the OSBA a good decision? Our goal is to make membership indispensible to Ohio lawyers. One way we are accomplishing this goal is with three new and innovative tech services that no practice should be without.

CLE eBook Library ()

  • OSBA members who register for just one live OSBA CLE seminar will unlock access to our entire eBook Library.
  • The Library includes more than 220 new and recent CLE publications.
  • Available formats include pdf, epub (for use with most e-readers) and mobi, so you can take your books with you on the go.
  • Unlimited access to more than $10,000 worth of practice-specific topics...now that's a good decision.

OSBA Report online ()

  • OSBA members can get current, customized case law sent directly to their email addresses, cell phones and mobile devices and receive Ohio Supreme Court, appellate court and Court of Claims case summaries six weeks sooner than in print.
  • All summaries link to a PDF of the full decision.
  • Joining more than 22,000 OSBA members who already use this free, invaluable service every day...now that's a good decision.
  • Join now.

OSBA Report app ()

  • OSBA members have access to an app of the OSBA's flagship publication, the "green book."
  • Daily case summaries delivered right to your phone.
  • Filter by practice areas and courts and save favorites for later reference.
  • Getting the case summaries you need six weeks sooner than in print...now that's a good decision.
  • Join now.

Make a good decision

  • If you are an OSBA member, try out these new services today. 
  • If you are not an OSBA member, what are you waiting for? Join today.

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