Personal finance resources for young lawyers

Student loan debt. Sluggish economy. Credit crunch. Parents' basement? What is an up-and-coming young lawyer to do? Check out the online resources listed below to help you get a grip on your personal finances.

Special online OSBA CLE seminar: Getting a Grip on Your Student Loans

Join nationally-acclaimed student loan expert, Heather Jarvis, to learn how to "get a grip" on your student loans. Learn about repayment options, forgiveness provisions and related tax consequences. Learn the pros and cons of student loan consolidation, how to minimize the cost of debt over time, the details of President Obama's Pay as You Earn plan and much more. Free to all OSBA members.​ Free essential tools from

Get​​ your finances in order

The Economics of Law Practice in Ohio
Compare your fiscal state with other state attorneys.

Personal finance for young lawyers

Take control of your financial future.


Save thousands on your student loan debt

OSBA member program SoFi can help you refinance and save.

Debt got you down?
Find helpful information and links on the SoFi blog.

Getting a grip on your student loans:

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: An Employer's Guide
Free information for public service employers and their employees with student debt.

For Members of the U.S. Armed Forces
What you need to know about your federal student loan benefits.


Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using a variety of online calculators provided by Practical Money Skills for Life.

Use the Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator to eliminate your federal student loan payments under each repayment plan.

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