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If you’re not an active, contributing member of any of the OSBA’s 10 sections, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information. Just as important, the committees and sections are missing out, too.
Sections provide you an opportunity to become more involved in the Ohio State Bar Association. Your involvement will help ensure the professionalism, integrity and prestige members have come to expect from the OSBA. You are the future of the OSBA.
By becoming involved in a section, you can make a difference in the legal profession and in your community, as well as gain valuable resources and insights. Section members review pending legislation, draft legislative proposals and develop projects and programs designed to improve the legal system in Ohio.
By joining a section, you can increase your expertise in a specific practice area, accomplish collective goals and exchange ideas with your peers.

Committee and section chairs

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Section membership provides the same opportunities as committee involvement, but a section is governed by a section board of governors. The members of the section board of governors are appointed by the OSBA president.

Appointments to section boards are limited, depending on the district’s OSBA member population. Section membership also requires the payment of section dues. Section dues are used to finance section newsletters, CLE opportunities and other section projects.

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For more information, contact the OSBA Bar Services Department at (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-2050 or e-mail the OSBA staff.

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