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Below you'll find a list of OSBA Sections. OSBA members may join a section by paying yearly dues to that section. If you are interested in joining a section, please contact our Membership Services Center at osba@ohiobar.org or call (800) 282-6556. Our Membership Services Center will be able to give you current pricing for our sections, and sign you up on the spot!


If you are already a part of a section, you can click on the links below to enter OSBA's Member Community! Our Member Communities allow you to:

  • Network with members from across Ohio;
  • Engage in invaluable discussions;
  • Receive legislative updates;
  • Share information with other Ohio lawyers;
  • Build your resources; and

If you have questions or concerns please contact Jennifer Harrell, Senior Manager of OSBA Committees and Sections, at jharrell@ohiobar.org​ or (614) 487-4460.

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