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Easy-to-read Q&A columns on a wide variety of legal topics.

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Legal info about the most commonly encountered legal issues.

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​​​​The OSBA provides a great deal of general information about all aspects of the law for members of the public, including handbooks, pamphlets, newspaper columns, programs, and information about attorneys.

About Lawyers

What do you need to know about attorneys? This section of the website includes information about finding a lawyer and for learning about certified legal specialists, attorney licensing, and filing a complaint.

Business Resources

Business-related legal resources include the Fine Print quarterly newsletter, the Legal Basics for Small Business handbook and the Ohio Title Standards.

Legal Tools

Tools include the Alternative Dispute Resolution information and directory, the Ohio Title Standards and a link to advance directives, including living wills.


Links to various websites of interest, such as those of the State of Ohio, law schools and universities, local bar associations, legal newspapers, and the Ohio General Assembly.​​

Media Center

Legal resources and programs for journalists include news releases, features, Inside OSBA newsletter, video clips from OSBA events, the Legal Handbook for Ohio Journalists, the "Law You Can Use" information column, access to attorneys who will serve as community speakers or media resources and seminars for journalists, including the Law and Media Conference.

Multimedia Library

OSBA videos featuring members and initiatives.


Programs aimed at fostering public understanding of the law include the Law & Media Conference for journalists, legal professionals and academics; “how-to” information for launching a “Now You’re 18” program; a “free pamphlet” program for charitable non-profit organizations; ​​and a link to Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) programs, including Mock Trial.


Resources for the public are extensive. They include the LawFacts pamphlets, “Law You Can Use” information columns, The Law & You consumer handbook, the “Fine Print” business newsletter and Legal Basics for Small Business.

So You Want to Be a Lawyer...

If you are thinking about a career in law, we would like to help.

Teachers and Students

Resources and programs for teachers and students include The Law & You, a general legal handbook with glossary, chapter summaries and Web links; the LawFacts pamphlets covering general legal topics; the "Law You Can Use" consumer newspaper columns; information about launching programs including the "Now You're 18" program for new adults​; and a link to Mock Trial and other programs of the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE).​​​​



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