Now You're 18

​​Attention lawyers, judges, teachers, students, parents and "18 or older" adults:

The 18th birthday is a milestone, a major occasion to celebrate! It also brings with it a host of legal rights and responsibilities for just-turned-adult Ohioans.

Through the "Now You're 18" program, new adults learn about their changing legal status regarding matters such as:

  • Voting;
  • Jury duty;
  • Apartment leasing;
  • Credit;
  • Marrying without parental consent;
  • Medical issues;
  • Driving without parental liability; and
  • Military service registration.

A summary of these rights and responsibilities is provided in a pdf format that may be easily downloaded, copied and distributed (but not sold at a profit) for use in school assemblies, classrooms, extracurricular and community meetings, libraries and homes.

To view or download this information, click here.



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