Legal Basics for Small Business

The Ohio State Bar Association is pleased to offer Legal Basics for Small Business, designed especially for small business owners in Ohio who are looking for basic legal information. Presented in an easy-to-read format, this handbook is a compilation of individual articles written and edited by more than 140 Ohio lawyers who volunteered their time and effort.

While this text does not pretend to be comprehensive, and in no way replaces the texts provided by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce or the advice of an attorney, Legal Basics for Small Business provides an overview of some of the major issues you can expect to confront each day as you launch and seek to maintain your business. Remember, however, that the law is constantly changing, and some of the legal interpretations in this text may be misleading or erroneous. Before applying any of this information, readers are urged to seek advice from an attorney.

The OSBA invites your comments and suggestions to improve future editions of this publication. Please send your comments to: OSBA Public Relations, P.O. Box 16562, Columbus, OH 43216-6562.

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Title Page
  Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Business Start-Up
Chapter 2 Money Matters
Chapter 3 Utilities
Chapter 4 Intellectual Property
Chapter 5 Insurance and Risk Management
Chapter 6 Employee Hiring/Firing
Chapter 7 Employer Responsibility
Chapter 8 Employee Management: Rights and Benefits
Chapter 9 Workers' Compensation
Chapter 10 Complying with State and Federal Laws
Chapter 11 Environmental Issues
Chapter 12 Online Law
Chapter 13 Handling Legal Matters
Chapter 14 Exit Strategies



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