Jury Instructions Committee publishes 128th jury instruction

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Columbus (October 31, 2011) – The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) Jury Instructions Committee, now in its 11th year of service, recently approved four new Ohio jury instructions, bringing the total OSBA jury instructions to 128.

In its 10-year history, the committee has developed a wide ranging series of jury instructions that augment those prepared by the Ohio Judicial Conference and that are used by practitioners and the courts across Ohio. Since its inception, the committee has had three chairs: Judge Richard Markus of Cleveland, Judge Richard Rogers of Marion, and Jack Neuenschwander of Piqua, the current chair. 

Through Casemaker, the OSBA’s online legal research service, OSBA members have access to the entire set of Ohio Jury Instructions (OJI) prepared by the Ohio Judicial Conference, as well as additional instructions prepared by the OSBA Jury Instructions Committee. 

The four new jury instructions available on Casemaker include: 

  1. Ohio Ethics Law:  Disclosing Confidential Information R.C. 102.03 (B)
  2. Disclosure of Confidential Information – Ohio Inspector General – R.C. §121.47 – Disclosure of information in a report designated as confidential.
  3. Disclosure of Confidential Information - Ohio Inspector General – R.C. §121.47 – Disclosure of confidential information that is acquired in the course of an investigation
  4. Failing to confine or restrain a dangerous or vicious dog. R.C 955.22 (D) (Pending Approval)

OSBA members can find the latest jury instruction in Casemaker by going to OSBA Jury Instructions, then click on General Instructions, then click on Other, then click on Jury Admonition, or visit the link. The OSBA Jury Instructions Committee is looking for new members, especially in the area of business law.  If you are interested, please contact Steve Stover. 

Jack Neuenschwander of Piqua serves as chair of the OSBA Jury Instructions Committee. The Vice-Chairs are Judge Lisa L. Sadler of the 10th District Court of Appeals and Judge Ted Barrows of the Franklin County Municipal Court. 

The Ohio State Bar Association, founded in 1880, is a voluntary association representing approximately 25,000 members of the bench and bar of Ohio as well as nearly 4,000 legal assistants and law students. Through its activities and the activities of its related organizations, the OSBA serves both its members and the public by promoting the highest standards in the practice of law and the administration of justice.




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