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Feature stories about members are posted in this section. 

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This section contains news releases about current legal issues and other matters of importance to journalists.

Law You Ca​​​​​n Use

Newspaper editors, broadcasters, librarians and members of the general public can find previously published, question-answer columns on a variety of legal topics. For a free subscription to current columns, media organizations should contact OSBA Public Relations at (800) 282-6556. 

Law​​Fa​​​cts Pamphlets

The LawFacts pamphlet series provides general information for consumers about the most commonly encountered legal issues.

Media L​​aw Articles for Journal​​ists 

Articles and videos about media law issues of particular interest to journalists. 

Law and ​​Media ​​Conference

Journalists, academics, lawyers, judges and students are invited to attend an annual conference about important media-law issues including public records, privacy and hot-issue topics. 

The Law & Y​​o​​u

A legal handbook for Ohio consumers and journalists, the 14th edition of The Law & You includes web references, chapter summaries, a glossary, index, a new media law chapter and tips and resources for journalists.


The OSBA's Web-only news provides OSBA members and journalists with the latest OSBA news and information.

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News on outstanding members, awards and accomplishments, in memoriam and other OSBA member news.​​


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Learn more about the president of the Ohio State Bar Association.

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