Voluntary pro bono reporting extended to April 15

Attorneys who wish to voluntarily report pro bono work performed in 2013 will now have until April 15 to do so. 
The website where attorneys may voluntarily and anonymously report pro bono activities will remain available online for an extra two weeks to assure adequate time for any attorney who may wish to participate. 
In early January, all attorneys with an active Ohio registration received an email from the Supreme Court of Ohio containing a link to the reporting website. Any attorney who can no longer locate the email may contact the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation for another link by sending an email request to justiceinaction@olaf.org or by calling (614) 715-8560.
In a videotaped message, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said “I want to encourage you to not only donate your pro bono services, but to report your pro bono work,” she said. “Just by taking a few minutes to report your activity, you can help us ensure that more people who need legal help will get it.”



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