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Free Pamphlets for Charitable Organizations

Qualifying charitable organizations are entitled to receive as many as 750 free LawFacts pamphlets per year on a variety of commonly encountered legal issues. Call the OSBA Public Relations Department at (800) 282-6556 or (614) 487-4425 for details.

Speakers Bureau

The OSBA maintains a cadre of speakers available to provide legal information at no cost to community civic, social, educational and business organizations in an effort to educate Ohioans.

Law & Media Conference

Journalists, academics, lawyers, judges and students are invited to attend an annual conference about important media-law issues including public records, privacy and hot-issue topics.

Legal Eagle Program

This public service program on radio and television stations involves;local lawyers who provide consumers with basic information about a variety of legal topics.

Now You're 18

Through the "Now You're 18" program, new adults learn about their changing legal status regarding matters such as voting, jury duty, apartment leasing, credit, marrying without parental consent, medical issues, driving without parental liability, and military service registration.

"There Ought To Be A Law" Essay Contest

Find information about how to launch a “There Ought To Be A Law” essay contest in your school or community.

Mock Trial and Other Programs

The Ohio Mock Trial Program is an academic competition for high school students designed to foster understanding of the American legal system and to encourage development of analytical and communication skills. Learn about this and other programs through the OCLRE Web site.

Guide to Paralegal Education Programs in Ohio

Updated annually, this guide is prepared by the OSBA Paralegals/Legal Assistants Committee and describes paralegal/legal assistant programs in Ohio.

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