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Article Date
"SYO" Sentences Combine Juvenile and Adult Penalties for Serious Crimes6/7/2013
“Castle Laws” Change Self-Defense Rights3/4/2013
“E-Check” Tests Vehicle Emissions in Ohio4/10/2014
“Not Guilty”: A Plea for Those Who Didn't Do It...and Those Who Did1/24/2012
“Tina’s Law” Requires Public Schools To Address Dating Violence6/28/2012
A Guardian Ad Litem Protects Best Interest of the Child10/10/2013
A Primer on Extradition: Tracking Fugitives and Managing Criminal Proceedings11/19/2013
Accessing Your Child's Records after Divorce: What You Should Know6/10/2013
Accident Victims Should Know about Medicare Subrogation4/12/2013
Addressing Pet Issues through Mediation8/26/2013
Adoptions Raise “Right to Know” Questions10/18/2013
Advanced Practice Nurses Fill Important Healthcare Role9/12/2011
After Foreclosure: What You Should Know7/20/2012
Aggregation Gives Consumers More Energy Choices7/25/2013
Agricultural “Use Valuation” Offers Tax Relief for Certain Ohio Property Owners3/26/2013
Agricultural Districts Protect Farms and Farmers1/28/2014
Agricultural Easements Help Protect Farmland5/11/2011
An FTC Violation in One Hundred and Forty Characters (or Less)10/24/2013
Appellate Judges Review Trial Court Decisions1/9/2013
Are Noncompetition Agreements Enforceable in Ohio?10/30/2013
Are Potential Employers Getting Too Much Personal Information from Social Media Sites?10/17/2012
Are Prepaid Debit Cards a Good Choice for Me?4/1/2013
Are Schools Legally Responsible for Your Child's Sports Injuries?5/7/2012
Are You Covered When You Rent a Car?10/28/2013
Ask Questions To Decide if a Revocable ("Living") Trust Is Right for You6/26/2012
Ask Questions When Pre-Paying for Funerals9/29/2011
Ask Questions When Using Title Insurance Agencies5/31/2011
At the Crossroads of Grandparent Visitation6/3/2013
At-Will Employment Is the Rule in Ohio11/27/2013
Bad Faith Claims Address Insurer Violations2/14/2013
Bailiffs and Court Officers: What To Do When They Tell You What To Do11/28/2013
Bankruptcy Law Limits Filing Choices4/16/2013
Bankruptcy Type Determines Timeline for Completion2/13/2012
Be Aware of Tax Scam Involving Fraudulent Refunds4/9/2013
Be Careful When Blogging11/8/2010
Be Careful When Using Home Equity Loans5/7/2013
Before Foreclosure: What You Should Know7/20/2012
Board Members for Charities Should Know Legal Responsibilities7/15/2013
Brownfields Development on the Rise - But There's Good Reason for Caution1/22/2014
Business Owners Shoulder Responsibility for Employed Drivers5/10/2012
Can Foreclosure Mediation Help Me?1/8/2014
Can the Clients' Security Fund Help You?5/4/2012
Celebrity Trademark Rights: Images v. Innuendos11/27/2013
Certain Cases Can Start in Higher-Level Courts3/31/2008
Child Support Enforcement Agencies Assist Parents4/1/2014
Child Support Orders Are Terminated for Many Reasons4/1/2014
Child Support Orders Can Be Modified4/1/2014
Child Support: How Is It Enforced?10/1/2012
Children and Adult Children with Disabilities - The Truth is Out There10/27/2013
Children Services Places Protection of Children First7/27/2012
Children's Wishes Are Considered in Custody Matters6/13/2013
Choose the Simplest Tax Form for Your Situation2/6/2013
Choosing the Right Student Loan1/3/2014
Circumstances Determine When Tenants Can Terminate Lease Agreements12/5/2012
Circumstances Say Whether Minors Are “Emancipated”11/8/2012
Citizens Can Take Action Against Water and Air Polluters1/28/2014
Civil Rights Commission Investigates Discrimination Cases11/27/2013
Collaborative Family Law Promotes Divorce with Dignity7/22/2012
Collaborative Process Used To Settle Probate Disputes7/29/2012
Commonly Asked Questions About Divorce12/3/2013
Commonly Asked Questions about Employer Retaliation10/26/2010
Consensual Encounters with Law Enforcement: “Am I Free to Leave?”2/28/2013
Consider Alternatives Before Obtaining Auto Title Loan12/9/2013
Constitutional Rights Are Limited in OVI Cases1/17/2014
Consumer Sales Practices Act Addresses Predatory Lending Issues12/4/2012
Consumer Sales Practices Act Affects Mortgage Brokers, Appraisers and Lenders12/4/2012
Consumers Can Take Steps to Avoid Investment Fraud2/25/2013
Consumers Have Credit Record Rights2/3/2013
Consumers Should Ask Questions Before Choosing Cemeteries9/29/2011
Consumers Should Exercise Care When Purchasing Health Products Online2/3/2014
Consumers Should Know Rights When Buying Used Cars11/25/2013
Consumers Should Seek Legal Advice Before Establishing Trusts11/11/2013
Consumers Should Understand Debt Buying2/8/2013
Consumers Should Watch Out for Predatory Contractors4/30/2013
Consumers Use Arbitration to Settle Lemon Law Disputes2/25/2013
Copyright Basics11/4/2013
Court Considers Many Factors in Determining Spousal Support2/4/2013
Courts May Order Custody Evaluation When Parents Cannot Agree9/12/2011
Credit Repair: You Can Do It Yourself11/7/2013
Creditors Ask Asset Questions in Judgment Debtor Exams12/17/2012
Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Protect Clients' Rights3/19/2013
Criminals May Go Free When Constable Blunders2/20/2013
Data Security Breach Rights and Obligations2/24/2014
Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Individuals Can Receive Help to Communicate in Court6/12/2013
Debit and ATM Cards Subject to Overdraft Regulations4/23/2013
Debtors Should Understand Debt Settlement Options1/3/2014
Disability Benefits Aid Injured Workers11/18/2013
Divorce and Dissolution: What's the Difference?11/18/2013
Divorce Courts Divide Assets and Liabilities Equitably2/6/2013
Divorce Decrees Enforced in Several Ways2/4/2013
Divorce, Separation Raise School-Related Concerns11/26/2013
Do Consumer-Driven Medical Insurance Plans Make Sense for Everyone?6/7/2013
Do You Have Severed Oil and Gas Interests on Your Property?3/11/2013
Drivers Must Stop for Fire Trucks and Ambulances1/13/2014
Drug Trafficking Laws Invoke Serious Consequences11/15/2013
DUI, DWI, OMVI and OVI: What Do They Mean?1/17/2014
Editorial “Native” Ads May Confuse Consumers2/24/2014
Electronic Information Changes the Face of Litigation11/29/2013
Electronic Medical Records: Ready or Not, Here They Come!4/8/2013
Electronic Signatures: Can Your Computer Sign a Contract without Your Knowledge?12/9/2013
Eligible Workers Can Receive Income Tax Credit1/29/2013
Eminent Domain: When the Government Wants Your Property5/3/2013
Employee Blogs Can Create Workplace Problems10/30/2013
Employees Should Not Expect Privacy at Work6/10/2012
Employer Guide to the Amended Americans with Disabilities Act11/15/2012
Employers Are Liable for Illegal Workers5/22/2013
Employers Can Hire Foreign Workers for Seasonal Jobs11/7/2013
Employers Can Prevent Doomsday Scenario with Restrictive Covenants11/6/2013
Employers Have “Qualified Privilege” When Conveying Information about Employees11/27/2013
Employers May Conduct After-Accident Chemical Screens2/17/2011
Employers Not Required to Provide Severance Pay1/3/2013
Employers Should Know Extent of Responsibility for Employees’ Injuries11/27/2013
Environmental Insurance Policies Are Worth a Look1/22/2014
Environmental Regulations Aim to Prevent Pollution from Oil Tank Spills5/6/2013
Expert Witnesses Help Judges and Juries Find the Truth10/10/2009
Extended School Year: Summer Options for Students with Disabilities12/15/2012
FAA Program Helps Pilots Address Alcohol Abuse Problems4/16/2009
Fair Labor Standards Act Sets Federal Minimum Wage9/17/2012
Fair Use Doctrine Permits Limited Copying of Copyrighted Material11/4/2013
Family and Medical Leave: Rights and Responsibilities4/29/2013
Family Support Act Standardizes Handling of Child Support Cases between States6/21/2010
Farmers Can Use Federal Crop Insurance To Manage Risks3/21/2013
Federal Law Protects Health Information3/24/2010
Federal Law Regulates Advertising11/27/2013
Federal Law Restricts Activities of Debt Collectors4/22/2009
Federal Law Restricts Telemarketing and Unsolicited Fax Advertisements2/25/2008
Federal Saver’s Tax Credit Helps Low- and Moderate-Income Workers Save for Retirement1/13/2014
Federal Tax Refunds Can Be Intercepted To Pay Back Child Support4/1/2014
Federal Tax Rulings Treat Same-Sex Couples as Married for Tax Purposes10/14/2013
Federal Tort Claims Act Allows Certain Claims To Be Brought Against U.S. Government11/18/2013
Field Sobriety Tests Predict Blood Alcohol Content1/17/2014
Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim: Know the Basics4/2/2014
Fire Insurance: How Does It Work?3/24/2014
Five Reasons To Plan Your Estate Now10/12/2009
Franchise Laws Protect Investors4/20/2013
FTC Enforces “Consumer Protection” Laws5/21/2013
Gaming in Ohio: What Is Legal?9/23/2013
Get Debt Relief without Resorting to Bankruptcy2/25/2013
Grandparents Can Exercise Authority When Caring for Grandchildren3/11/2010
Grandparents Can Get Authority To Make School Decisions for Grandchildren11/21/2013
Green Cards Allow Foreign Nationals to Live and Work in U.S.11/10/2011
Guard Against Identity Theft1/8/2014
Guns at Home Can Make Parents Liable for Child's Criminal Actions11/6/2013
Harm Caused by Defective Products Can Lead to Liability Claims12/13/2013
Health Insurance Marketplace Helps Ohioans Shop for Coverage11/4/2013
Holiday Spending with Credit Cards: How Much Do You Know about It?11/25/2013
Home-Buyers Should Determine Asbestos and Lead Paint Risks10/6/2011
Home-Buyers Should Determine Environmental Risks10/6/2011
Home-Buyers Should Investigate Water and Septic Systems10/6/2011
Homeowners' Insurance Covers Wide Range of Goods and Services6/7/2013
Homeowners’ Insurance Covers Liability6/7/2013
Horse Owners May Be Liable for Equine Trespass3/24/2014
How Are Juveniles Tried as Adults?6/7/2013
How Can a Franchise Owner Get Out of An Agreement?11/26/2013
How Do Consumer Class Action Lawsuits Work?4/15/2013
How Do Courts Determine Child Support?10/1/2012
How Do Labor Strikes End?3/8/2010
How Does a Grand Jury Operate?11/27/2013
How Does a Legal Separation Differ from a Divorce or Dissolution?11/18/2013
How Much Do You Know About Joint Bank Accounts?10/23/2009
How To Avoid an Adoption Scam4/15/2013
How to Find a Good Used Car in Seven Steps2/3/2013
How to Get the Most from an Attorney-Client Relationship3/26/2014
How Will Health Insurance Coverage Change in 2014?12/2/2013
Human Trafficking Exists in Every Ohio Zip Code7/8/2013
Immigrant Spouses of U.S. Residents Must Petition To Live in This Country5/22/2013
Insurance May Cover Medical Expenses in Adoption Cases10/18/2013
Investment Fraud Victims May Get Tax Relief5/27/2012
IRS Provides Tax Tips for Ohio Gamblers11/26/2012
Is Your Home Your Castle? Your Condominium Questions Answered6/24/2013
Is Your Landlord in Foreclosure?12/13/2013
Joint Economic Development Districts Aid Local Development4/16/2013
Joint Ownership of Property: Common Sense Advice for Older Persons11/30/2012
Judges Instruct Juries in Criminal Cases11/27/2013
Jurisdictional Disputes Pit Unions Against Each Other5/1/2011
Jury Psychology Plays Role in Civil Cases4/17/2013
Keep DNR Orders Where Emergency Squads Can Find Them11/5/2012
Know about Driver’s Privacy Protection Act11/27/2013
Know about Eviction Procedures In Ohio5/1/2013
Know about Evictions of Month-to-Month Tenants in Ohio12/5/2012
Know About Factors Affecting Your Credit Scores10/28/2013
Know about Varieties of Ohio Automobile Insurance Coverage4/11/2013
Know Basics of Condominium Law5/1/2013
Know How to Answer a Complaint4/25/2011
Know How To Protect Your Assets11/25/2013
Know Legal Requirements to Marry12/3/2013
Know Legal Steps to Take After Someone Dies12/6/2013
Know Penalties for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence12/15/2013
Know Pros and Cons Before Securing a Payday Loan1/20/2014
Know Ramifications of Cell Phone Use9/30/2013
Know Rights and Duties of Marriage4/19/2013
Know Risks Before Using Joint and Survivor Bank Accounts5/11/2011
Know the Law Before Using Pesticides11/26/2013
Know the Law Regarding Union Organizing12/28/2009
Know What to Expect When Applying for a Loan Modification1/8/2013
Know When Subprime Mortgages Equal Predatory Lending11/19/2013
Know Your Credit Application Rights2/3/2013
Know Your Repossession Rights3/21/2011
Know Your Rights to Safe Drinking Water11/30/2012
Know Your Rights When Faced with Layoff5/15/2013
Knowing Your Rights as a Whistleblower in Ohio2/10/2014
Land Contracts Provide Financing Alternative for Some Homebuyers4/18/2011
Landowner or Tenant Could Be Responsible for Harm to Trespassing Children12/14/2010
Law Allows Citizens to Help Heart Attack Victims9/12/2011
Law Bans Employers from Using Genetic Information to Make Employment Decisions5/15/2013
Law Considers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder9/8/2008
Law Gives Citizens Right to Attend Most Public Meetings9/6/2011
Law Prohibits Assembling and Possessing Illegal Chemicals for Drug Manufacture1/12/2011
Law Protects Consumers from Bill Collector Harassment12/19/2011
Law Protects Employees from Employer Retaliation4/30/2012
Law Provides Real Consequences for Acts Involving Counterfeit Controlled Substances11/15/2013
Law Requires Children under Four to Ride in Safety Seats9/13/2010
Laws Govern Gardening5/7/2012
Laws Govern Hospital Emergency Treatment2/3/2014
Laws Protect Employees Who Serve as Caregivers12/24/2012
Lawyers Keep Clients' Confidences5/28/2013
Learn To Avoid Post-Holiday Credit Crunch11/6/2013
Legal Aspects of Assisted Reproduction Technology3/17/2014
Legal Doctrine May Apply if Employer Breaks Promises1/3/2013
Legislation Changes Point System for Traffic Violations12/15/2013
Lemon Law for All-Terrain Vehicles Protects Ohio Consumers4/15/2013
Lemon Law for Motor Homes Protects Ohio Consumers2/3/2013
Lemon Law for Motorcycles Protects Ohio Consumers5/27/2013
Live Via Satellite: Visa Refusals Can Affect Performances by Foreign Entertainers12/6/2013
Livestock Care Standards Govern Care and Treatment of Ohio’s Domestic Animals5/30/2013
Lobbyists Inform and Petition Government Representatives12/3/2013
Magistrates' Service Is Widespread in Ohio Courts6/7/2013
Make Sure Long-Term Care Insurance Is Right for You11/12/2013
Make Sure Your Assets Go To Intended Beneficiaries11/15/2013
Management Rights Clauses Spell Out Employer Autonomy in Collective Bargaining Agreements3/14/2011
Marriage Can Affect Federal Tax Status8/19/2013
Marriages Are Annulled in Special Cases6/4/2013
Mayor’s Courts Hear Misdemeanor Criminal Cases in Ohio12/15/2013
Mediation Can Resolve Disputes1/8/2014
Medicaid and Married Couples11/30/2012
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Investigates Medicaid Fraud in Ohio1/21/2013
Medicaid Provides Home and Community-Based Services Waivers5/6/2013
Medicaid Recipients Should Know Rules before Making Real Estate Decisions5/15/2013
Member-Owned Credit Unions Offer Banking Alternatives10/18/2012
Members of the Military Have Civilian Job Protections10/30/2013
Mental Health Court Can Save Time, Money and Lives1/4/2012
Mold: An Old Contaminant Creates New Concerns for Homeowners4/25/2013
Motorcyclists Need Special Insurance6/7/2013
My Child Was Arrested: Now What?7/12/2010
My Driver’s License Has Been Suspended. Now What?11/11/2013
National Export Initiative Provides Help for American Businesses11/20/2013
National Labor Relations Board Weighs in on Social Media7/25/2011
Natural Gas Choice Allows Consumers to Compare Prices7/25/2013
New National Football League Rules Change Relationship between Players and Agents6/3/2013
Non-Citizens Charged with Criminal Offenses Face Complex Laws12/9/2013
Not Eligible for Sealing (Expungement)? Executive Clemency May Be Option4/1/2014
Nursing Home Access: A Consumer Perspective11/30/2012
Ohio Attorney General Offers Free Mediation Program to Resolve Public Records Disputes1/6/2013
Ohio Businesses Can Appeal Ohio EPA Decisions5/1/2013
Ohio Businesses Must Comply with Ohio EPA Air Pollution Standards4/7/2014
Ohio Changes Law Governing Financial Powers of Attorney9/3/2012
Ohio Considers Self-Defense Law Changes10/7/2013
Ohio Courts Work to Improve Access to Justice2/16/2009
Ohio Dog Owners Must Follow State Laws4/14/2014
Ohio Law Addresses Jury Duty and Employment10/30/2013
Ohio Law Addresses Oil and Gas Well Waste3/31/2014
Ohio Law Allows Attorney-Arranged Adoptions8/27/2008
Ohio Law Allows Increased Penalties for Hate Crimes7/1/2012
Ohio Law Allows Licensed People to Carry Concealed Firearms into Bars1/9/2012
Ohio Law Allows Property Exemptions in Bankruptcy7/1/2013
Ohio Law and Common Law Address Dog Bites12/13/2013
Ohio Law Counts Bigamy As A Crime8/27/2008
Ohio Law Governs Fireworks1/13/2014
Ohio Law Guides Parenting Plans in Divorce and Custody Cases1/14/2013
Ohio Law Helps Offenders Turn Lives Around10/29/2012
Ohio Law Helps Prevent Funeral Disputes10/18/2013
Ohio Law Permits Adult Adoptions10/18/2013
Ohio Law Prohibits Bullying in Public Schools12/15/2012
Ohio Law Prohibits Courts from Using Military Service to Justify Modifying Child Custody Orders4/30/2013
Ohio Law Protects Property Owners from "Recreational User" Liability3/15/2010
Ohio Law Provides Alternative to Newborn Abandonment4/30/2013
Ohio Law Provides Ways for Non-Marital Households to Divide Property3/18/2013
Ohio Law Requires Reporting of Certain Infectious Diseases10/30/2009
Ohio Law Says Private Property Sometimes Can Be Taken for Economic Development5/15/2013
Ohio Law Says Where Students Can Attend School Tuition-Free11/21/2013
Ohio Law Sets Standards for Drivers of Fire Trucks and Ambulances1/13/2014
Ohio Line Fence Law Says Who Is Responsible for Fences12/14/2010
Ohio Provides Continuing "Mini-COBRA" Coverage for Former Small Business Employees8/12/2013
Ohio Provides Two Types of Guardianships for Minor Children10/1/2012
Ohio Regulates Concentrated Animal Feeding Facilities2/20/2014
Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct Govern Attorneys’ Actions11/26/2013
Ohio Supreme Court Decision Affects Ownership of Foreclosed Properties5/13/2013
Ohio Supreme Court Regulates Lawyer Advertising3/20/2013
Ohio Workers' Compensation System Addresses Needs of Injured Workers3/31/2014
Ohio’s “Good Samaritan” Law Protects Volunteers10/22/2006
Ohio’s Civil Legal Aid System Offers Hope To Low-Income Individuals5/7/2013
Ohio’s Minimum Wage Increases with Inflation8/6/2012
Ohio's Dangerous Wild Animal Act Aims to Balance Public Safety and Animal Owner Rights9/2/2013
Ohio's Lemon Law Protects Consumers2/25/2013
Ohio's Third Grade Students Must Pass Reading Test to Enter Fourth Grade2/11/2013
Ohio's Veterans' Courts Provide Support11/13/2013
Ohio's Victim of Crime Compensation Program: Questions and Answers12/18/2012
Online Schools Operate Independently of School Districts in Ohio12/30/2013
Paralegals Aid Attorneys and Clients11/18/2013
Parents Have Rights When Deaing with Children Services Caseworkers5/28/2012
Parents May Be Liable for Child's Actions11/6/2013
Parents May Network To Find Child Available for Adoption10/18/2013
Parents Must Take Responsibility for Truant Students9/29/2011
Paternity Proceeding Establishes Parent-Child Relationship4/30/2013
Patient Abuse, Neglect and Financial Exploitation Are Crimes in Ohio12/31/2012
Patients Should Know Their Rights9/12/2011
Pay Bills on Time To Keep Electric and Gas Service7/25/2013
Pending Divorce Does Not Change Marital Status for Income Tax Filing6/26/2013
Pet Owners Can Assert Rights4/13/2013
Phone Scam Targets Taxpayers12/16/2013
Planned Unit Developments Provide Flexibility for New Construction5/1/2013
Pleading Guilty: A Choice of Cost and Benefit1/24/2012
Police Identify Drunk Drivers through Signs of Impairment9/28/2011
Police Must Give Miranda Warnings1/12/2011
Positive Behavioral Support Plans for Students with Disabilities5/24/2013
Power of Attorney Can Help Grandparents Get Authority To Care for Grandchildren7/27/2012
Precedents Affect Judges’ Decisions2/20/2013
Prenuptial Agreements Protect Pre-Marital Assets4/23/2013
Preserving Legal Testimony: Court Reporters or Electronic Recording?11/28/2013
Preventing Water Pollution From Farms2/20/2014
Privacy and Shield Laws Govern Press12/17/2013
Privacy Laws Govern Tape Recordings12/17/2013
Private School Is Option for Ohio Students5/6/2013
Pro Se Appeals: Are They Worth Trying?12/15/2013
Probate Court Can Order Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ohio9/10/2012
Probate Court Screens Prospective Parents in Private Adoptions10/18/2013
Property Owners' Development of Natural Resources May Create Tax Obligations6/17/2013
Prosecutors Avoid Pretrial Publicity to Help Ensure Fair Trials2/4/2013
Public Records Are Not Always Accessible9/6/2011
Public Schools Adapt to Student Violence Issues11/21/2013
Public Schools Can Impose Dress Codes9/19/2011
Public Schools Must Have Reasonable Suspicion to Test Students for Drugs and Alcohol3/3/2014
Public Utility Rates: Who's in Charge?11/20/2013
Quick Clear Law Speeds Vehicle Removal at Accident Scenes1/13/2014
Quitclaim Deed Transfers Property without Ownership Guarantee9/17/2007
Reading the Fine Print: Who Owns What on Popular Websites5/30/2010
Realtors May Act as Agents for Both Buyers and Sellers5/15/2013
Recognized Advance Directive Forms Simplify Health Care Planning5/9/2011
Red Flags Rule Addresses Identity Theft5/21/2013
Reducing Risk of Piracy: What You Should Know5/17/2013
Reentry Courts Aim To Reduce Offender Recidivism3/28/2011
Regaining Your Driving Privileges After a Drunk Driving Charge9/28/2011
Relationship Agreements Provide Protection4/23/2013
Religious Organizations Should Know about Insurance6/7/2013
Reporter's Rights to Keep Sources Confidential Unclear in a Changing Media World4/25/2010
Residential Financing in a Nut Shell: Conventional and Government-Guaranteed Mortgages8/5/2013
Responding to a Debt Collection Lawsuit2/8/2013
Retirement Benefits Are Divided at Divorce4/18/2013
Reverse Mortgages Convert Home Equity into Cash11/19/2013
Rural Electric Cooperative Consumers Have Rights2/8/2013
Schools Have Authority To Search Lockers12/15/2012
Schools Must Follow Procedures to Suspend or Expel Students10/21/2009
Search Warrants 1011/24/2012
Seniors Should Consider Many Factors When Applying for Home Mortgages7/29/2013
Service Dogs in the School Setting5/24/2013
Short Sales in a Nut Shell8/6/2012
Sobriety Checkpoints Are Constitutional11/15/2013
Social Media Raises Privacy Concerns for Healthcare Providers11/12/2012
Social Networking and Your Divorce: What You Need To Know1/24/2011
Social Security Disability: Rumor vs. Reality10/27/2013
Some Contracts Can Be Cancelled Within Three-Day Period6/3/2012
Sorting Out Housing Options for Seniors4/18/2013
Sperm Donors, Ova Donors and Other Legal Strangers2/17/2014
Spousal Support Determined Case by Case6/13/2013
State and Federal Laws Protect Consumers Who Buy and Receive Gift Cards1/7/2013
State Law Regulates Most Ohio Cemeteries9/29/2011
State Recovers Medicaid Costs from Estates8/23/2010
Step-Parent Adoption Is Permanent6/3/2013
Stimulus Funding: Who Gets It and How?8/30/2010
Stores Must Honor Shelf Prices2/3/2013
Student Loans: Advice for Parents and Children2/12/2013
Surrogate Parenting Provides Alternative to Adoption1/26/2009
Tax Abatements Exempt Real Estate Taxes for Improvement Projects2/29/2012
Tax Records: To Keep or Not to Keep7/8/2012
Tax Scam Targets Ohio Social Security Recipients2/6/2013
Technology and Social Media Raise New Challenges with Confidential Information11/2/2013
Tenants Have Security Deposit Rights12/5/2012
Tenants Should Look Out for Intent-To-Vacate Clauses12/5/2012
Terminating Your Marriage: How the Process Starts7/26/2010
Terminating Your Marriage: Litigation and Settlement8/9/2010
Terminating Your Marriage: The Discovery Process8/2/2010
The Court Says I Won: Now, How Do I Collect?1/12/2009
The Facebook Background Check: Using Social Media to Vet Candidates10/8/2012
The New Litigation Peril—Patent Trolls: What You Should Know12/23/2013
Thinking about Buying an Annuity? What You Should Know7/28/2008
Tips for Charitable Giving11/28/2011
To Lease or to Buy? Know the Differences Before You Decide11/25/2013
Trademark Infringement: Whose Mark Is It Anyway?11/27/2013
Trademarks: A Mark Is Just a Mark…Or Is It?11/27/2013
Trademarks: Making Your Mark and Keeping It11/27/2013
Transfer-On-Death Designation Affidavit Avoids Probate of Real Estate9/22/2011
Transferring Real Estate in a Nut Shell5/20/2013
Transition Services Help Children with Disabilities Move to Post-School Activities12/15/2012
Traveling Abroad with Minors: From Passport Issues to Medical Issues7/27/2012
Trust-Owned Life Insurance Policies Help Avoid Federal Estate Taxes5/21/2012
U.S. and Ohio Law Make Adoption More Affordable10/18/2013
Underinsured Motorist Coverage: When Auto Liability Coverage is Not Enough4/11/2013
Understand Duties and Rights Regarding Sexual Harassment5/7/2009
Understand How Joint Economic Development Districts Work4/16/2013
Understand OVI Laws before Taking the Wheel1/17/2014
Understand Risks When Drinking and Driving9/28/2011
Understanding "White Collar" Overtime Exemptions5/3/2013
Understanding Landowners’ Water Rights2/20/2014
Understanding Mandatory Binding Arbitration in Consumer Contracts7/15/2012
Understanding the Crime of Arson1/13/2014
Understanding the Different Forms of Bank Account Ownership11/15/2013
Unhappy with the Terms of Your Divorce Decree? You Have Options10/25/2010
Uniform Mediation Act Affects Dispute Resolution2/20/2009
Uninsured Motorist Coverage Protects Drivers from Lawbreakers11/12/2012
Union Strikes: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts2/22/2010
Use Caution When Considering Foreclosure and Debt Mitigation1/3/2014
Using Trusts to Improve Quality of Life for Individuals with Disabilities11/30/2012
Vacation Timeshares: Paradise or Problem?7/4/2011
What Am I Paying for Through My Telephone Bill?7/25/2013
What Are the Residency Requirements for Ohio Guardians?5/4/2010
What Birth Parents Should Know about Adoption Process10/18/2013
What College Students Should Know about Apartment Leasing6/24/2012
What Consumers Can Do When Sued on a Debt4/22/2009
What Consumers Should Know Before Selecting a Credit Counseling Agency11/6/2013
What Happens to U.S. Immigrants without Documentation?11/10/2011
What Happens When a Lawyer’s Practice Closes?11/15/2013
What Happens When the Engagement Is Off?8/27/2008
What Is "International Law" and How Does It Affect Me?4/16/2013
What Is a Drug Court?1/4/2012
What Is a Grand Jury?11/27/2013
What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?11/5/2012
What Is an Administrative License Suspension?1/17/2014
What Is an Annuity?2/7/2011
What Is Charitable Planning?3/29/2013
What Is Commercial Speech?9/6/2011
What Is Juvenile Competency?2/21/2012
What Is the Role of a Justice?1/22/2014
What Ohioans Should Know Before Going to Work in Canada12/6/2013
What Rights do Grandparents Have After Divorce?10/10/2012
What Rules Address Educator Misconduct in Ohio?2/3/2014
What Should I Know Before Signing an Oil and Gas Lease?1/27/2014
What To Expect in Traffic Court1/2/2013
What To Look For In A Nursing Care Facility4/18/2013
What You Don't Know about Patents Could Hurt Your Business11/14/2012
What You Don't Know about Trade Secrets Could Hurt Your Business11/14/2012
What You Don't Know about Trademarks Could Hurt Your Business11/14/2012
What You Need to Know about Renter's Insurance6/7/2013
What You Never Knew about Credit Scores9/9/2013
What You Should Consider When Choosing Auto, Homeowners and Umbrella Insurance2/5/2014
What You Should Know about “Fracking” in Ohio5/2/2013
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