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Teachers and Students

o.p.e.n. court

View videos that address the emotional and practical issues often faced by young people with developmental disabilities who become involved in court.

Speakers Bureau 

The OSBA maintains a cadre of speakers available to provide legal information at no cost to community civic, social, educational and business organizations in an effort to educate Ohioans.

Now You're 18

Through the "Now You're 18" program, new adults learn about their changing legal status regarding matters such as voting, jury duty, apartment leasing, credit, marrying without parental consent, medical issues, driving without parental liability, and military service registration. 

The Law & You

A handbook of general and everyday law affecting Ohio citizens, the 14th edition of The Law & You includes web references, chapter summaries, a glossary and an index. 

LawFacts Pamphlets

The LawFacts pamphlet series provides general information for students, teachers and general consumers about the most commonly encountered legal issues.

Folletos en Espanol

Lo que usted debe saber sobre ... .

Law You Can Use

Teachers, students, librarians, journalists and members of the general public can find previously published, question-answer columns on a wide variety of legal topics.

Looking for an interesting, entertaining way to introduce your students to how our courts work? We've produced an animated video that explores the third branch of government and some of the differences between the state and federal systems.

Mock Trial and Other Programs

Link to information about the Ohio Mock Trial Program, an academic competition for high school students, and other law-related educational programs provided by the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) and designed to foster understanding of the American legal system.

Law Day Essay Contest

The “There Ought To Be A Law” essay contest, which was sponsored by the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) from 2000 to 2007, asked students to write about what they believe to be a law. For organizations wishing to conduct their own contest, the OSBA provides materials and suggestions.


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