Access To Justice

Congress boosts legal aid funding

Find out the about the latest OSBA efforts to support legal aid.

OSBA Staff | April 09, 2018

Ohio students tackle real issues in simulated trials

Each year teams of middle and high school students from around Ohio take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in simulated trials.

Ryan Suskey | April 09, 2018

Federal PROSPER Act could mean fewer lawyers, an even greater access to justice gap

Though tax reform and immigration may be dominating the headlines coming out of Washington, D.C., Congress is also beginning to look at higher education reform.

OSBA Staff | February 09, 2018

You can improve access to justice by choosing where you bank

Prime Partner Banks are committed to ensuring the success of the IOLTA/IOTA program and increased funding for legal aid.

Marissa Weldon | April 19, 2017

Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati lawyer is 2016 Murphy Award winner

Elaine E. Fink, Legal Aid of Southwest Ohio’s Managing Attorney-Children and Education Practice Group, is the winner of the 2016 Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation Murphy Award.

OSBA Staff | December 27, 2016

Tech knowledge makes lawyers more productive, and could be key to increasing access to justice

We believe that technologically enabled lawyers will better serve their clients and themselves.

John Stewart and Casey Flaherty | December 14, 2016

Cincinnati attorney fights for veterans and their families

During his six-year legal career, Kinman has assisted nearly 500 veterans with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

OSBA Staff | December 09, 2016

Lawyers as entrepreneurs: Filling the access to justice gap

Two young lawyer entrepreneurs have found their small firm niche in Ohio’s access to justice gap.

OSBA Staff | November 22, 2016

OSBA hosts valuable discussion on diversity and the law

The OSBA continues to actively address race and its impact on the practice of law at an Ohio State Bar Association Criminal Justice Committee meeting.

OSBA Staff | October 31, 2016

Disaster legal services (DLS): Next steps for Ohio

FEMA and the Legal Services Corporation have long been providers of legal services for disaster survivors, but after Hurricane Katrina they partnered with the ABA to do even more.

Tessa Gilcher | October 24, 2016

Ohio Supreme Court Justice French talks progress on Access to Justice Task Force 2015 recommendations

​Justice Judith French of the Supreme Court of Ohio visited the OSBA for the Access to Justice Committee on Sept. 30 to discuss what new steps have been taken on recommendations of the Task Force on Access to Justice made in 2015.

Tessa Gilcher | October 17, 2016

Remember where you came from: Why the canned goods matter

Like many new lawyers, I gained valuable experience by representing those who could not afford to pay significant attorney fees.

Roberta Sue Roberts | October 12, 2016

Delaware County Probate and Juvenile Court wins 2016 Innovative Court Practices Award

​The purpose of the Innovative Court Practices Award is to bring greater visibility to exemplary programs in Ohio’s courts and facilitate the transfer of those programs to other courts in the state.​

OSBA Staff | October 03, 2016

ABA launches free legal Q&A service to broaden access to justice for low income communities

​The American Bar Association has rolled out a new web program,, to give income-eligible users the ability to pose civil legal questions to volunteer attorneys.

OSBA Staff | September 27, 2016

Non-lawyer legal service providers are succeeding in their efforts to meet the demands of the public

​​Lawyers compete with one another for clients, but now they also have to compete with non-lawyer legal service providers, leaving many to wonder if there are regulations and if technology will steal their clients.

William Weisenberg | September 20, 2016

Legal aid funding crisis: Is there still “justice for all”?

With reductions in grant funding and IOLTA interest rates still dropping, some legal aids around the state are cutting staff and, in some cases, closing offices for good—just as those in need of legal assistance reach record high numbers.

William Dowling | September 13, 2016

Limited scope representation: A new way of thinking about accessible legal services

​​​​Unbundling legal services is still taboo for many attorneys. Although it may not be the best option for large firms, it can help solo practitioners gain clients while improving access to justice.​

Eileen Pruett and Bert Tiger Whitehead | September 02, 2016

ABA reports predictions about the future of legal services, access to justice in the U.S.

After two years of research, the American Bar Association's Commission on the Future of Legal Services has released its findings on the current status of legal services in the U.S.​​

OSBA Staff | August 29, 2016

Let the people ride: Bringing buses to Beavercreek and revitalizing civil rights enforcement

​A lead attorney in the case recounts the story of the hard-earned victory of Dayton-area citizens who were able to reverse a discriminatory decision regarding bus routes in Beavercreek.​

Ellis Jacobs | August 16, 2016

Unbundling legal services: A win for attorneys, a win for litigants, and a win for the courts

​With unbundling, a client hires the lawyer only for tasks that are agreed to in advance.​​

John D. Holschuh Jr. | August 16, 2016

Toledo lawyer’s interest in immigrant struggles translates to career of service

​​​​​​​​A son of Italian immigrants, Eugenio Mollo Jr. understands the struggles that go along with coming to the United States.​

OSBA Staff | August 16, 2016