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Practice Management:

5 ways you can optimize your home office

Tessa Gilcher
Columbus, OH

Whether you’re a solo attorney operating out of your home or need a home office for working remotely, make sure you create a productive space. When people consider working from home, they often think that they will save time and get more work done, but that isn’t always the case. Your home is filled with distractions, from chores to your couch and television, making it harder to focus on work. These five tips will help you optimize your home office:

1. Have a distinct office space.

If you’re using a spare room as your office, don’t let it become the “junk drawer” of your house. Keep a separate part in the room for storage and another for your office.

If you don’t have a spare room, carve out your own space in another room, whether it’s in your bedroom, the living room or even the kitchen. Pick an area that will be quiet when you will be doing most of your work.

2. Get an office chair.

Sitting on your couch or bed may be comfortable but it’s also a good way to become too relaxed or fall asleep! A good office chair also provides lumbar and pelvic support, reducing the fatigue and back pain that come from sitting all day.

3. Sunlight.

Exposure to sunlight during the day has a positive effect on mood, alertness and your ability to sleep at night. A study from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that office workers with windows slept an average of 46 minutes longer than employees without exposure to natural light at work. So, open the blinds and reap the benefits of the sun!

4. Maintain an organized space.

Just because your coworkers (or boss) won’t see your home office doesn’t mean you should let it get messy. Clutter can make it harder to concentrate and easier to lose things. By keeping your office space organized, you will be able to spend more time working and less time looking for files or office supplies.

5. Protect client confidentiality.

This may not make your home office more productive, but it will help you fulfill your duties to your clients. Be sure to protect your clients’ information from family members or visitors by:

● Using a computer dedicated to business or having a separate user account and password on a shared computer;

Using remote receptionist service provider (and OSBA preferred vendor) Ruby Receptionists to create personal connections with every caller; and

Maintaining a locked file cabinet for storing any paper client files.

Optimizing your home office will not only help you be more efficient, but it will also keep you organized.