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How tribes can power your law practice

OSBA Staff
Columbus, OH

“Tribes” are those that are joined together by common values, traditions or goals. It is important for those in the legal profession, especially solo practitioners, to have a tribe of lawyers with a common interest to help each other succeed. Also, your potential client base can be viewed as a tribe, sharing the same values and problems.

Seth Godin’s best-selling book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us discusses the idea that your potential client base is a tribe. 
Focusing on addressing the values, problems and demographic that bring them together will enhance marketing. By identifying your potential clients’ tribe, you can develop your message and focus content marketing on their concerns. You can then publish that content in a space frequently viewed by the tribe, and if it connects with a few members of the tribe, they will share it with their internal network. In short, identify with the tribe of your ideal client and develop a marketing strategy that breaks into that tribe. Perhaps the passion or purpose that brings you to serve that tribe will already be an “in” to their network. 

In solo law practice, it’s imperative to cultivate a network of colleagues for support. Find other lawyers in your field, and, if a tribe has not been formed, form one yourself. Ideally, there would be about 50 lawyers in your tribe, with varying levels of experience so that discussions can be useful to everyone. Regularly communication through forums
 such as Slack, Google Hangouts or email listserv is also important. Furthermore, the tribe must be willing to share with one another, with the senior lawyers mentoring the junior ones. With a tribe of colleagues, ethics and malpractice risks are bound to go down. In your tribe, participate actively, use collective shared knowledge and pay attention to discussions. 

It is important for legal professionals to be connected to others in a world where more work is being done remotely. As a solo lawyer, it is especially critical to connect with like-minded people in your field to learn from them and become a better lawyer.

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