Practice Management

Money management tips for new associates

Since it is far easier to start your financial life on the right foot than be forced to adjust bad habits decades later, here’s a checklist covering what to do and what to avoid as a new attorney.

Ryan McPherson | January 23, 2018

Snow-bird lawyers should be aware of limits on practice from second home

If you want to do legal work while enjoying the sunshine, there are ethics issues.

Karen Rubin | January 16, 2018

5 things you need to bring to court

Going to court? Don't forget these 5 things.

OSBA Staff | November 29, 2017

Learn how to rebound, adapt & thrive

OSBA member Jacob H. Levine speaks on the topic of resilience at the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Commissions on Professionalism Student to Lawyer Symposium.

Jacob H. Levine | November 28, 2017

How should you bill your client? The pros and cons of hourly, contingent and flat fees

Learn about the most commonly used billing methods and how to determine what to charge.

Bradley W. Miller, Esq. | November 28, 2017

7 things you need to do after you pass the bar exam

Congrats! Now that you are officially licensed, cross the following seven items off your to-do list.

OSBA Staff | November 28, 2017

Here's how lawyers are using no-cost marketing these days

Marketing your firm doesn't have to come at a cost with these tips from our members

OSBA Staff | October 30, 2017

Infographic: How to navigate the future of the legal field

The legal profession is changing every day. The OSBA Futures Commission is working to keep Ohio attorneys up to speed and ahead of the curve.

OSBA Staff | September 25, 2017

10 ways to avoid malpractice and disciplinary actions

Minimize your risk so you don't become the target of a legal malpractice or disciplinary action.

Jack Sahl | September 05, 2017

How tribes can power your law practice

By identifying your potential clients’ tribe, you can develop your message and focus content marketing on their concerns.

OSBA Staff | July 17, 2017

5 powerful ways to boost your lawyer-client relationships

Read on for five tips to ensure you’re doing your duty for your clients.

Teresa Matich | April 19, 2017

The paperless office: Modernizing your software without losing your mind

Modernizing your practice is no longer something to ignore or wait for “someday”—courts are already going digital.

C. Gustav Dahlberg | April 18, 2017

How to make the most of relationships with fellow lawyers

Being able to cooperate and work effectively with other lawyers is crucial for attorneys.

OSBA Staff | March 24, 2017

The basic technology needs of every law firm

Want to start your own law practice? Follow these simple steps to make sure you have the right tech for your firm.

OSBA Staff | March 16, 2017

8 ways case management software can make a lawyer's life easier

Check out this ebook for a pathway to a productive paperless law office.

OSBA Staff | March 16, 2017

Distracted? 5 ways to improve your focus

As lawyers, we are prone to distractions constantly. Follow these easy and practical tips that will make a big impact on your ability to focus.

OSBA Staff | February 27, 2017

Do I need malpractice insurance?

Legal malpractice insurance is an absolute necessity for every lawyer.

OSBA Staff | February 24, 2017

4 things to know about cloud-based e-discovery vendors

Before you entrust your client’s data to a third party, the ethical implications of that relationship must be considered and all doubts and questions resolved before any transfer of data.

Brett Burney | December 27, 2016

5 ways you can optimize your home office

Whether you’re a solo attorney operating out of your home or need a home office for working remotely, make sure you create a productive space.

Tessa Gilcher | December 14, 2016

A lawyer's 4 best options for cloud-based document storage

Whether lawyers need to review files in court or during client meetings, the ability to pull up a client file on a laptop, tablet or smartphone is not just convenient but a critical part of one’s practice.

Chad E. Burton | December 09, 2016

5 ways to modernize your practice

Follow these five tips and see the difference as your firm becomes more efficient.

Cat Dismukes | December 02, 2016

Quick Tip: 3 considerations when sharing office space

​Sharing office space can be beneficial to all the lawyers involved, but it is important to take extra steps to ensure you are upholding ethical and professional standards.

Tessa Gilcher | November 07, 2016

8 ways an iPad can improve your law practice

Learn these various ways a lawyer can use an iPad to enhance their practice and client service on a daily basis.

Chad E. Burton | November 03, 2016

Learning the business side of practicing law

You became a lawyer to help clients. But you can't help those clients if you go out of business.

OSBA Staff | October 24, 2016

The cost of starting your own law firm: the basics

Starting a business is expensive but by implementing the right technology, cutting non-essential costs, and embracing a DIY attitude you can start your own firm for under $3000.

The Clio Team | October 18, 2016

How much should lawyers charge? (And how to raise fees)

​When starting up your law firm, it can be a challenge to figure out how much to charge for your time. And, let’s face it, law school is expensive. You shouldn’t settle for less than you’re worth.

The Clio Team | October 10, 2016

Buying vs. leasing a law office: Pros and cons

​​​​​Choosing a brick-and-mortar office for your law firm is a defining decision for the future of your firm, your wallet and your career. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of each before jumping into a contract.​

OSBA Staff | October 04, 2016

Welcome to the legal profession: Challenges facing new lawyers

The future of the legal profession is in a constant state of change, and staying up to date will give new lawyers a head up on their competition.

William Weisenberg | September 19, 2016

Q&A: Is it proper for counsel to receive a fee for amounts offered to, or received by, the plaintiff/client prior to engaging counsel?

​​​​Is it proper for counsel to receive a fee for amounts offered to, or received by, the plaintiff/client prior to engaging counsel?​

Steve Magas | September 19, 2016

Get tips and insight with the new Member Center Podcast

​Join Ohio Lawyer Jacob Levine on his journey in the practice of law.​

OSBA Staff | September 15, 2016

5 legal ethics issues for lawyer websites

Lawyers remain responsible for ensuring that all communications about themselves and the legal services they offer comply with applicable ethics rules—even when non-lawyers assist in creating or managing the content of those marketing communications.

Karen Rubin | September 06, 2016

Eight essential components of a business plan

​What is a business plan? Generally, a business plan describes the business and details the past, present and future of the company.​

OSBA Staff | September 02, 2016

Bank accounts for your law firm

​You know how to practice law, but do you know how to set up finance accounts for your practice? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an accountant). Here is a basic overview of necessary and optional bank accounts for your law practice.

OSBA Staff | August 29, 2016

Strategic planning for you and your practice

​​​​​​If a small law firm is perfectly happy with its current status and future outlook, then it does not need a strategic plan. But really, how many firms can claim to be perfect​ly satisfied? Most small firms want more business and better business. To a

Roy S. Ginsburg | August 16, 2016

9 steps to prevent a cyber security breach

​If you haven’t considered the risk of compromising your firm's records and data and taken steps to reduce that risk, your oversight may prove costly.​​

Steve Couch | August 16, 2016

Flat fees: Earned, unearned or both?

​​Ohio's Rules of Professional Conduct pertaining to flat fees are confusing and contradictory, sometimes leaving lawyers in limbo.​

Alberto Bernabe | August 16, 2016