Student Debt

Why paying off student debt loans early could be a mistake

Find out why slow and steady may win the race to pay back student loans.

OSBA Staff | October 31, 2017

Consolidate vs. refinance: What’s the difference between student loan consolidation and refinancing?

Refinancing your student loans sounds great. But it's not for everyone.

SoFi | September 25, 2017

How student debt impacts home ownership

New numbers show student loan debt might not be a major hindrance to homeownership.

Heather Jarvis | September 05, 2017

Infographic: The right kind of job for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Find out which types of occupations qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Heather Jarvis | December 27, 2016

The steps to student loan forgiveness

The first step to student loan forgiveness is to file an employment certification form, but what happens after that?

OSBA Staff | December 12, 2016

What does "10 years" mean?

In terms of loan forgiveness, what does 10 years mean?

OSBA Staff | December 07, 2016

Loans eligible for forgiveness

What type of loans qualify for forgiveness?

OSBA Staff | November 15, 2016

What types of payments are eligible for student loan forgiveness?

Student loan expert Heather Jarvis, Esq., explains what you need to know about making the correct types of payments that count toward loan forgiveness.

OSBA Staff | November 09, 2016

What you need to know about public service loan forgiveness

Do you qualify for public service loan forgiveness?

OSBA Staff | November 03, 2016

Create your law school debt plan

What is the best way to pay your student debt?

OSBA Staff | October 24, 2016

Marriage, taxes and student debt

When married and with student loan debt, should you file your taxes jointly or separately?

OSBA Staff | October 17, 2016

Life after student loan default

​Student loan expert Heather Jarvis, Esq. talks about the methods available to cure your student loan default status. ​

OSBA Staff | October 07, 2016

Avoid the tax trap on student loans

Loan forgiveness is typically taxable as income, but public service loan forgiveness is a special exception. ​Learn more by watching this informative video.​

OSBA Staff | October 03, 2016

Student debt: Forgive and forget?

Learn about long-term and public service loan forgiveness.

OSBA Staff | September 26, 2016

What's the deal with interest on student loans?

​Watch this video to learn the difference between federal and private student loan rates.

OSBA Staff | September 19, 2016

How do I reduce my student debt with income-based repayment plans?

What you need to know to about choosing income-driven repayment plans.

OSBA Staff | September 15, 2016

Love and loans: How couples can pay down student debt and build a joint financial future

​​How couples manage their student loan debt.

Kelly Kearsley | August 29, 2016

10 websites for student loan borrowers and the people who love them

​The sites you need to know to start getting a grip on your student loans.

Heather Jarvis | August 16, 2016

Finding the right financial planner

​​If you have student loan debt and you are interviewing a prospective advisor, be aware that not all financial professionals have education and experience in managing complex student loan portfolios.​

Heather Jarvis | August 16, 2016

How to prioritize savings goals when paying down student loans

Student loan debt can cause you to delay important life decisions, such as those around marriage and family, or postpone big savings goals like buying a house. But by refinancing, you won’t have to put your dreams on hold. All you need is a little guidanc

Tim Beyers | August 16, 2016