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Hit the road: Explore Ohio's hidden attractions

OSBA Staff
Columbus, OH

Looking to get away this spring? Ohio is home to many attractions that are worth exploring. Whether you’re a history buff, an art connoisseur, a sports fan or just interested in Ohio’s history, there’s an attraction for everyone. As the warmer weather rolls in and you’re ready to set yourself free from winter, consider visiting some of these top Ohio attractions:

1. Dayton
Wright Cycle Company Complex
This complex consists of the Wright Cycle Company building, the Wright–Dunbar Interpretive Center and the Aviation Trail Museum. You will learn about Dayton’s aviation history and get an overview of the Wright brothers’ lives. While in Dayton, you should also check out the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force with more than 300 planes and missiles.

2. Canton
Pro Football Hall of Fame
The Pro Football Hall of Fame consists of bronzed busts of football legends, helmets, shoes, game balls, replica Super Bowl Rings and an area for visitors to design their own rings.

3. Wapakoneta
Armstrong Air and Space Museum
This museum features one-of-a-kind artifacts including the Gemini VIII spacecraft, Neil Armstrong’s Gemini and Apollo spacesuits and an Apollo 11 moon rock. The museum also houses two full-size aircrafts, both of which Armstrong flew. The museum features seven interactive exhibits, 10 audio/visual elements and three simulators. Visitors can practice landing the lunar module and space shuttle, or docking the Gemini capsule. The 56-foot dome in the center of the museum houses the Astro Theater, which allows guests to enjoy the night sky or watch the 25-minute documentary about Apollo 11’s lunar landing.

4. Appalachian Country
Visitors will find winding roads, rolling hills, rivers and creeks, plus some of the best food in the Midwest in Ohio’s Appalachian Country. This 32-county region spans from Ohio’s southwest corner all the way up to its northeast corner, following the Ohio River.

5. Peebles
The Great Serpent Mound
The Great Serpent Mound of southwest Ohio averages about 1,330 feet in length and 3 feet in height. Representing an unwinding serpent, the mound is sheathed in mystery and controversy. The serpent is thought by most to be about to swallow an egg. However, many theories abound suggesting various interpretations. See it for yourself to determine your own interpretation.

6. Toledo
Toledo Museum of Art
More than 30,000 works of art represent American and European painting, glass, ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian works, Asian and African art, medieval art, sculpture, decorative arts, graphic arts, and modern and contemporary art. Don’t miss the glassblowers’ demonstrations in the Glass Pavilion.