Work Life Balance


Work-Life Balance:

How mobility can lead to a balanced lifestyle

Andrew Legrand
Columbus, OH

​Striving for perfection is a common characteristic of highly-motivated lawyers in a hyper-competitive profession. This need for perfection is generally inherent within the personality-types of legal professionals, and can apply to all aspects of their life from winning a case, running a practice, their role within their family, and the various aspects of their social life. Attempting to achieve a balanced lifestyle can be futile for the over-achiever.

This constant struggle for the perfect work/life/play balance can often take away from the quality of work that you do, time you spend with your family, and overall mental well-being.Don’t lose control of your schedule, while attempting to maintain control of your life.

Increased mobility as a lawyer can make you more responsive to your surroundings. An injection of efficiency, with the right tools and resources, can completely enhance not only how you practice law, but the overall infrastructure of your lifestyle, and lead to a more balanced existence. Identify your wellness goals in establishing a mobile practice, be mindful of long-term wants, and start living a more balanced life based on an agile schedule and lifestyle.

Learn to prioritize – in your life and practice.

Create task lists and learn to focus on action items with a priority in mind. Items that are either important in the long term or time-sensitive should always be prioritized, so when practicing on-the-go, you have a clear plan of a daily workflow and can avoid injections and feeling overwhelmed. Leverage time-tracking tools to monitor and review your productivity.

Implement changes to help you reach equilibrium.

Practicing law from outside the confines of a hypercompetitive and stressful office can have a multitude of advantages. Mobile lawyering can also play to your strongest advantage — it gives you time. Whether you find that you peak productivity at 6 am, or 11 pm, setting up the infrastructure of a mobile practice can increase productivity, and let you curate your daily schedule to include time for other priorities such as sport, socializing, family time, and more.

Accept that the practice of law is inherently stressful.

If it was easy, everyone would be a lawyer. But it’s not. It’s the career that involves late nights, conflicts, and drama. Balance the elements of your job that stress you out with elements of your personal life you enjoy the most. If you see you have a day in court and identify an anxious lead up to it – ensure you can work from a calm setting prior or post this, and ensure you make time for hobbies and other activities that you enjoy.

Set realistic and attainable goals.

You cannot be working 18 hour days while being a healthy and happy individual. Mobile resources can give you the option of working more hours, whenever you choose and when the need arises – but set goals on quality of work, not quantity, based on what you have accomplished in the past. It is important to remember that you will be more productive by taking the time to focus on your physical and mental wellness.  Try to spend one hour a day on health and wellness activity of your choosing

A little bit of stress is good.

A little bit of stress is good—but organization can keep you in check. The knowledge of having your files secure in the cloud, your workflow always on-hand and available, and the ability to practice wherever you or clients so require  should eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress, and provide you with some peace-of-mind as you structure your practice, day, and life.

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