Work Life Balance


Work-Life Balance:

Triathlon training enhances professional life for Ohio lawyer

OSBA Staff
Columbus, OH

McKenzie Davis is a man of more than just legal talent. A government relations consultant at The Success Group, he has taken up the not-so-casual activity of competing in triathlons. This feat is not simply a test of physical strength, but also of mental strength and time management. With two little ones running around at home, a full work schedule and an ample number of early-morning training sessions, it is hard to imagine how he can fit everything into each day. 

Davis began his love affair with triathlons by running the Cap City Half Marathon to honor his co-worker's late daughter. This event inspired Davis and his coworkers to race in subsequent triathlons as a continuation of the tribute to their colleague's daughter. Davis still wears the memory band each time he races. 

Not only do the races resonate with him emotionally, but Davis states, "The training helps with the planning in my professional life." He says he is "more effective with a schedule," which is an integral part of balancing all of his activities. The training process continues to help him in his work life. Beyond helping him organize his schedule, he claims client relationships and cases are less daunting because his triathlon training prepares him for the unknown. Davis noted, "Triathlons…require the ability to adjust to various unforeseen circumstances…[they] have helped me have a better understanding of how to seamlessly address changing environments." 

The sense of purpose he feels when racing also figures prominently in his work as a government relations consultant. As a child, Davis was motivated to further delve into the world of government and politics by his father. Each morning, as they rifled through the paper together, his father would discuss how issues within the government influenced people in the state. "I always wanted to be part of something like that," says Davis. 

Davis is a government relations consultant for The Success Group in Columbus, where he interned as a law student. Armed with a strong background in legislative matters, he researches how legislative changes will affect his client and contacts government officials to advocate for his client's position on legislative issues. 

Through his work, he has the opportunity to be in the heart of "something like that." His purpose is to better the state, which he accomplishes, he says, "by challenging my clients to ensure the best interest of the state is the basis for my proposed course of action."  

Davis earned his law degree from Capital University Law School. He has been a member of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) since 2002, and recently became an Ohio State Bar Foundation Fellow. He also serves on the Board of Professional Conduct for the Supreme Court of Ohio.