Work Life Balance

Loving life as a lawyer: How to maintain joy in your work (podcast)

Do you dread going to work? If so, maybe it's time to look at the other ways you can flex your legal skills.

Nancy Levit | January 30, 2018

Workplace burnout symptoms

Feeling burnt out at the office? Check out these common stressors and how to get back on track.

OSBA Staff | October 31, 2017

How gratitude can benefit you and your business

Study after study has shown gratitude helps people become healthier, happier, and more successful, and it can impact your business in the same ways.

Phoebe Osborn | September 25, 2017

Lawyer Lifestyle: Ohio fall festivals

Check out some fall festivals that take place in September and October.

OSBA Staff | September 05, 2017

Get out and golf!

Relax and help raise money for a charitable organization.

OSBA Staff | July 20, 2017

Hit the road: Explore Ohio's hidden attractions

Looking to get away this spring? Ohio is home to many attractions that are worth exploring.

OSBA Staff | April 19, 2017

Work-life balance for lawyers: A new perspective

Business Psychologist Dr. Roger Hall explains how the best way to find balance is to figure out what you love to do instead of working and living out of fear or guilt.

Roger Hall, Ph.D. | February 27, 2017

Alternative careers for lawyers

Here's a list of resources, articles and books to help you on your new journey.

Jodi Ettenberg | December 14, 2016

Infographic: Why the legal profession needs mindfulness

As long as the conversation around mental health and self-care continues, the legal profession only stands to improve.

Derek Bolen | December 12, 2016

What is mindfulness and how can it benefit me?

Mindfulness and meditation have been around for centuries but only recently gained widespread popularity—mindfulness even landed itself on the cover of Time.

Tessa Gilcher | December 02, 2016

Using Cal Newport’s deep work to help balance your work with your personal life

Learn about Cal Newport's four rules to achieve deep work.

Tessa Gilcher | November 15, 2016

How mobility can lead to a balanced lifestyle

How to start living a more balanced life based on an agile schedule and lifestyle.

Andrew Legrand | November 09, 2016

Lawyer coach readjusts the scales of work-life balance

Work-life balance is hardly a novel concept for professionals, but many—those in the legal field, especially—struggle with this concept, and do not know where to look for help. Enter Pat E. Snyder, Lawyer Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner.

OSBA Staff | October 31, 2016

How do you cope with on-the-job stress?

As lawyers, we have a commitment to be of sound mind when we work with our clients. Be aware of your stress levels, and seek help when you need it.​

Reginald S. Jackson, Jr. | October 24, 2016

What does work/life balance mean to you?

The OSBA asked some prominent Ohio women lawyers what work/life balance means to them. Here is how they replied.

OSBA Staff | October 17, 2016

One way to master the art of delegation

As you strive to find balance in your life, you should learn to delegate. Chad Burton, CEO of CuroLegal, gives you the tips you need to master the art of delegation.

OSBA Staff | October 07, 2016

Do you live to work?

​You owe it to yourself to find balance in your life. If not, living to work might prove to be harmful to your health. Follow these tips to help you find the balance you need.

Nina Corbut | October 03, 2016

Young Columbus lawyer touts value of diversity, involvement

​​​​Involvement with professional and community organizations is vital to a successful legal practice​.

OSBA Staff | September 26, 2016

Enhance your career satisfaction

​​​​Six tips that will help you remember why you became a lawyer.

Kathleen A. Stoneman, E. Jane Taylor and William McGraw III | September 19, 2016

Member musicians connect through music

OSBA members find work/life balance in their musical talents.

OSBA Staff | September 13, 2016

Young lawyers respond: The challenges of work-life balance

The OSBA recently asked the Young Lawyers Sections how they feel about work-life balance and why it is so important in their lives.

OSBA Staff | September 06, 2016

10 tips to happiness for lawyers

​​Follow these 10 tips to live a happier life.

Roger Hall, Ph.D. | August 29, 2016

You've worked too hard for success not to enjoy it

​​​​​​​​Resources to help you manage your work-life balance.

OSBA Staff | August 16, 2016

Triathlon training enhances professional life for Ohio lawyer

​​​​How one lawyer finds balance in triathlons​.

OSBA Staff | August 16, 2016

Where do you spend your time? Use this self-analysis to guide you

​​​This time-use questionnaire will help you figure out how to manage your time more efficiently.

Roberta Gubbins | August 16, 2016