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Our goal at the Ohio State Bar Association is to make membership indispensable to Ohio lawyers. To meet that goal we constantly strive to offer the best programs and services to meet the professional needs of our members. Members of the OSBA enjoy many wonderful benefits including:

Comprehensive, timely and accurate online legal research is possible through Casemaker—free to OSBA members.

OSBA CLE makes it easy to meet your CLE requirements. OSBA CLE sponsors more than 300 quality CLE seminars annually on a variety of topics at locations throughout Ohio. An extensive online library is available as well, and all courses are offered at discounted rates for OSBA members.

Committees and sections
Committees and sections provide OSBA members an opportunity to become more involved in the association. Committee and section members review pending legislation, draft legislative proposals, and develop projects and programs designed to improve the legal system in Ohio.

OSBA staff develops relationships with vendors who offer our members discounts on products and services that will benefit them and their practices. Vendor services include credit card processing, payroll services, website design and hosting services, retirement planning, car rental, computers, credit card, office supplies, overnight shipping and a workers' compensation group rating program.  

Discussion lists
The OSBA Discussion Lists are intended to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of legal news, questions and information. Now that "colleague down the hall" can be anywhere from Cleveland to Athens or Chillicothe to Mansfield.

OSBA Insurance Agency
Many insurance options are available through the OSBA Insurance Agency, including health and dental insurance, a vision care plan and ancillary benefits. OSBA members are also eligible for discounts on liability insurance through the Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company.

Legislative programs
Frequent legislative news, as well as links to the OSBA Report's "Legis-letter" column and the Legislative Services Commission are all ways that the OSBA works to keep members up-to-date with what is going on in the legislature.

OSBA members have access to the biweekly OSBA Report, daily and weekly OSBA Report online, bimonthly Ohio Lawyer, all the section newsletters, the newsletters for associate members (students and paralegals) and our growing list of email publications.


Membership is open to any attorney licensed to practice law in any state. Dues are based on the year you were first admitted to any state bar. Membership is based on the calendar year, with dues prorated quarterly (25 percent on April 1, 50 percent on July 1, and 75 percent on Oct. 1). Full dues are:

Dues Amount
(first admitted to practice law in any state in 2008 or earlier)
Out of state attorney
(Registered active with the Supreme Court of Ohio, practicing outside of Ohio, and admitted in 2008 or earlier)
New attorney
(first admitted to practice law in any state from 2009-2013)
Full-time government-employed attorney*
(first admitted to practice law in any state in 2008 or earlier)
Full-time government-employed new attorney*
(first admitted to practice law in any state from 2009-2013)
Full-time government attorney
(practicing outside of Ohio and admitted in 2008 or earlier)
Inactive/retired/out of state
(Attorney registered inactive or retired with the Supreme Court of Ohio, or registered out-of-state only)
Sustaining member** Dues + $90
*Must be employed by a local, state or federal government agency; a legal aid society or non-profit legal assistance program; or a public defender's office. Member must certify that the position is the only source of earned income. (Judges, federal magistrates, elected officials or persons appointed to elected office are excluded from this definition.)
**Sustaining members are those members who choose to make a voluntary contribution of $90 in addition to their regular dues rate. Sustaining members are recognized throughout the year at OSBA events.

Section dues

Members may choose to join a section or committee that focuses on a specific area of the law. A complete listing of sections and committees is available on the membership application. Section membership requires an additional payment of $3 to $10 depending on the Section(s) you choose to join. Committee membership is free.

Membership Application form

You can apply for OSBA Membership by downloading and printing the Attorney Membership Application form available below. You may complete the application and fax it to us, along with your credit card payment information, at (614) 487-8808 or you may mail your completed application along with your payment information (credit card information or a check made payable to the Ohio State Bar Association) to:

    Ohio State Bar Association
    PO Box 16562
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-6562

Download an Application

» Download the Attorney Membership Application
» Download the Membership Brochure

For more information, contact the OSBA Member Service Center at (800) 232-7124 or (614) 487-8585.

The OSBA is a voluntary professional association. For information on attorney registration and licensing in the state of Ohio, please call the Supreme Court of Ohio at (800) 826-9010 or (614) 387-9000.

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