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Law School Student Associate Membership

OSBA law school student associate membership is open to any law school student (excluding LL.M. candidates) enrolled in an American Bar Association accredited law school.


Law school students may join the OSBA for free. Membership benefits for students include the weekly OSBA Report online, Ohio Lawyer and Law Student News publications; access to Casemaker—OSBA's online legal research tool that is free for members; an online legal career center; and much more. 

Section dues

Law student members may choose to join a section or committee that focuses on a specific area of the law. Sections require a payment of only $9 each for law school students, which covers the cost the whole time you are in school. Committee membership is free.  

Membership Application form

You can apply for OSBA membership by downloading and printing the OSBA Student Associate Membership Application form available below. You may complete the application and fax it to us, along with your credit card payment information if joining a section, at (614) 487-8808 or you may mail your completed application along with your payment information (credit card information or check made payable to the Ohio State Bar Association) to:

    Ohio State Bar Association
    PO Box 16562
    Columbus, Ohio 43216-6562

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